Thursday, April 25, 2013

What do you stand for?

I realize you probably came to the conclusion I ran off with the circus or started communicating via sign language which is why you haven't read a post from me in a long while. And even the last one had a lull with the few before it. I miss talking to you guys on a regular basis. For realz.

In the time that has filled the spaces between blog posts, I've been busy pulling toys from the litter, clean clothes from the trash and melted candy from tiny hands. And that's just #2 ( the child, not the bathroom reference). Offspring #1 is a whole other story, which I'm getting to.

At the start of the school year, my sweet baby girl was targeted by a neighbor who 1) rode on the same bus and 2) was in the same class. Lilli was afraid to wear her hair in pigtails because the girl told her it was "annoying." Then it became her not wanting to wear certain clothes because the girl said she looked fat. Of course, the girl started following her home, poking at her, trying to steal our mail. Soon after, Lilli came home with nail marks on her arm, and then, the last straw--pinch marks on her nose from where the girl pinched her nose shut in an effort to make her stop breathing. Because my daughter talked to this girl's boyfriend.

They are all SIX YEARS OLD.

There were calls to the school and promises that things would be 'taken care of' however, it took the better part of a whole school year for anything to change and I'm still unsure as to what really got through to the girl who often wanders around the neighborhood, alone. I feel bad for her. I hate that she doesn't have parents teaching her right from wrong, or hugging her a lot, or really paying any attention to her. But she is not my first concern. My baby is.

Through all of this, the hubs and I watched this incredibly powerful movie, Bully. We knew from the trailer not to make any other plans because it was sure to leave us in tears. It did more than that. Sure, this running I've been doing (half marathon in 1.5 weeks) has loosened up a lot of emotions that had been stuck in the dark crevices of my heart, but this movie broke off a big chunk. It was like something was pulling me to do more. A lot more.

You all know me. I've raised money for lots of charities and even when we're broke, I find ways to keep giving. I always wanted to change the world, but my voice has remained so small. Bully was sort of a breakthrough. Maybe it was the timing with Offspring #1 and what she was going through, maybe it was time for me to confront my own bullies, maybe I just realized how to fulfill my destiny. Regardless, it prompted me to reach out to those in the film, the Bully creators, as well as our school Superintendent and the movement that is growing from it could potentially be amazing.

I'll be hosting a Stand For The Silent Anti-Bullying Rally and screeninng in Covington, Ohio on Sunday, August 4th, with guest speaker, Kirk Smalley, who is featured in Bully. I am also in talks with a few others who may be a part of this benefit to which all funds raised through donations and a raffle will go to Mr. Smalley to spread awareness to other communities for SFTS. My part in this is very small right now but I hope to become a bigger part with the success of this event.

I'm telling you this because I need your help. You don' have to come to the rally though, I'd give you 7 hugs if you did and they'd be long and awkward. You probably wouldn't want to leave after that. You don't even have to donate via the link below. If you did, I'd send you some cool SFTS stuff and give you internet hugs. What you can do is share the link (if you want)! Whether I have financial backers funding this event or not, makes no difference. I'm starting to realize why I'm on this earth (aside from my babies) and if it all comes out of our wallet, so be it. But if you want to be  part of helping me, share the link, use the link, date the link...whatever you see fit. I promise you, I will hug you somehow, someway.


Did you know suicide is the 4th lading cause of death in children under 14? Help me Stand For The Silent so that my daughter or your son don't become another victim of bullycide or any other form of bullying. Remember The End It Now Project? This is that, but MUCH bigger. I'm not getting a lot of Facebook...or real life support right now and if there's anything I've learned, it's that authors/writers take care of each other.

Tell me what do you stand for?

Candyland. OUT.


Matthew MacNish said...

I will totally re-share, but what does date the link mean?

Mel Chesley said...

Wow, I will re-share. Missed seeing you around here, bunches, but you've had a lot going on. What an awesome cause.

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