Friday, December 6, 2013

Finding Good Teachers: A Guest Post!

Hey, friends! Although I've been busy, I've not forgotten you. However, today's guest post is brought to you by my new friend Solomon. Today's random topic: Teaching! If you want to contribute to Candlyland with a random topic while I'm on hiatus, shoot me an email at candaceganger[at]yahoo[dot]com. +Enjoy! Oh, and I miss the crap out of you! 

We send our kids off to school with the assumption that they'll acquire the knowledge and skills they'll need to finish 12th grade and move on into the world. We all know who the teachers are that our kids like and we have a general sense of the competence of individual teachers. Many of us, however, don't give much thought to how much we really rely on these educators.

A good teacher isn't only someone who imparts data to the students but one who inspires the kids, excites them about learning, and creates an atmosphere that motivates the students to want to learn more.

A good teacher encourages the students to take responsibility for their own learning and provides them with skills and tools that will allow them to become independent learners.

A good teacher shows each student that they genuinely cares about him and his life. A child's school grades shouldn't determine her potential for success in life and the teacher should impart that message consistently, throughout all classroom successes and failures.

A good teacher constantly builds a child's self-confidence in words, deeds and actions.   

We have many ways to show our educators that we appreciate their work. Involvement in the school and in the classroom is one alternative. When a parent cares enough to volunteer for the school and, perhaps, even give some time in the classroom, it notifies the teacher that the parent supports the school and appreciates the work that the teacher puts into the lesson plans and their implementation.

A number of national organizations have created teacher recognition awards to enthuse teaching professionals and show them that the community recognizes their efforts. Teacher awards such as the Pearson Teaching Awards, the Elgin Heinz Outstanding Teacher Award, the Lowell Milken Educators Awards and the Kennedy Center/Stephen Sondheim Inspirational Teacher Awards not only grant recognition to specific teachers  but also provide educators with the realization that the community distinguishes excellent work and acknowledges an excellent educator's influence on his or her students.

We should all be asking ourselves the question, "what have we done for our child's teachers lately?"

~Candyland+Guest. OUT.

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Leslie S. Rose said...

On behalf of my fellow teachers, thank you so much for this post.

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