Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Not Agent Oso, but still Oso special

To obtain at least one agented call in the month of April

3 Steps to complete mission:

Submit an anti-suckage query with superb writing excerpt to entice and delight
Once foot is in door, do everything possible not to stick it in mouth
Practice midnight meditations channeling said agent's subconscious so they know how crazy dedicated I am

Consequences of a mission not complete:
WWW humiliation
Said agent may wonder why he/she is dreaming of me, saying my name all the time
Carpal tunnel (eh, I get it anyway)
A fine of. One. Million. Dollars. Mwuahaha.

Victory shall be mine. Oh yes. Oh, and come back soon for my super secret amazingly sweet interview with a super secret amazingly sweet new blog buddy. Shhh....


MeganRebekah said...

You know it's be funny if agents fined writers $1,000,000 for turning in sucky manuscripts. The sad thing is it would only scare away the good writers. The bad writers, with the over inflated egos, would take the risk.

Good luck agenting!

Tahereh said...

ahaha you're funny :P

great post! and best of luck!!! :D


Candyland said...

Thanks kiddos. And Tahereh, welcome to my humble abode. thanks for stopping in.


May the force be with you in your quest.

If your blog is any indication, you've got a good head start on writing well enough to generate a non-sucky query.

Good luck!


Candyland said...

Thanks TF. That's my new name for you. Since you aren't, after all, Jamaican like I previously daydreamed, I'll take your Star Wars advice and raise you a Wookie.

lisa and laura said...

Am I the only person in the blogosphere that got the Special Agent Oso reference? Now I have that damn song stuck in my head.

Good luck, friend!

Sherrie Petersen said...

Good luck!

And shhh, don't tell -- my mission is the same :)