Friday, April 16, 2010

Feel me up Friday Awards: Dead bodies, High School and Schmoopie...

Last night, I remembered why I hate the park. Aside from the obvious, (I dislike sweating, the sun and outdoors in general), today I found a treasure trove of super cool loot. When I say "super cool," I mean "gross."

Discovery #1: The river smelled like dead bodies. I mean, considering where we live, I guess it's possible.

Discovery #2: A condom wrapper. Next to a picnic table. By the road. Really people?

Discovery #3: A mangled squirrel corpse next to the flowers 3yo was picking. Its eyes were missing and I stepped on its tail a hundred yards back.

However, the reasons I go to the park far outweigh the reasons I don't, despite my lack of hoo-rah-si-ness (yeah, it's a word deal with it).

Reason #1: I go for my darling daughter. Nuff said.

Anyway, this week, the music reminded me of the days I use to play and how similar querying and performing are. Your soul, exposed. Your heart, open. People can accept or reject it. It's tough, I know since I woke up to ANOTHER rejection. *sighs*

And then another revelation: Watching life pass you by, in the park or on the computer, is even harder. Time flies. Now, my baby's growing up faster than I'm ready. It feels the same when letting go of a query. Sometimes all you can do is nurture it, love it and let it go.

Now onto the feel-ups.

Random Fact: If you knew me in high school (chances are you didn't. Lucky you.), you wouldn't have seen the confident (I'm a faker), hilarious (mildly laughable), headless Candyland you know today. In the halls of MHS, between Yearbook where I did nothing right and Mass Communications where I did nothing at all, a smaller, (in both size and weight. By about twenty pounds. Yikes. That sounds like a lot. Because it is. I need to go on a diet. Anyway...) louder version of me pranced around dreaming of superstardom and big city lights. If you'd have known me in high school, you'd have seen a slight resemblance to a certain Catholic school girl.

Random Fact: The hubs and I have a code word we use to use in uncomfortable situations. An animal. I can't say it, or you'll know when we use it. We also call each other Schmoopie and have a secret handshake. Sick yet?

And the award for being super awesome, given to me by the lovely Stina Lindenblatt, goes to:

Now that you know me a little better than last week, tell me friends: What were you like in high school? Compared to now???

Candyland. Ooouuutttttttt.


Creepy Query Girl said...

I was junior prom queen. I'm not kidding. I've always been a pretty socialable person, never got stuck in any specific 'click' but rather floated from table to table in the cafeteria and had friends on every side of the spectrum. But then I fell in with an older boy when I was 16 and became the girl who never went to parties or 'hung out' because every spare minute was spent with 'the boyfriend'.

Matthew MacNish said...

Um. In High School I was a D&D and fencing club nerd.

Seriously. But I also played football and basketball. However I was a total outcast and terrified of girls.

Now I'm a dad. And a writer.

Today's guest blogger is Rachel Alpine!

Jaydee Morgan said...

Most of my memories of high school revolve around sports - that's all I did and all I really cared about until grade 11 when I went on a French exchange and noticed how cute french boys were. After that, it was a toss up between sports and boys.

Sorry to hear about the rejection - keep going, it'll make it that much sweeter when the acceptance comes :)

Jessica Bell said...

Aww thanks for the award! You're pretty awesomesauce yourself :)

Well, in highschool my nick name was "bisexual nazi girl". (no, I'm not bisexual, but I had a shaved head, a German mother, and I dressed like a goth) So there it is. My past revealed :) LOL

Talli Roland said...

Yay for awards! Thank you so much!

Oh ugh, high school. I was really insecure and always tried to act how I thought I should to be cool. Not cool!

Now I could really care less!

Elana Johnson said...

Wow, your park list scares me a little. I hope you were wearing very thick-soled shoes when you stepped on that tail. Ew.

As for me in high school, yeah, well. I'm just as geek-a-licious, but I'd like to say I've learned a lot. Become more experienced. Realized that not everything was the end of the world. And 20 pounds? Yeah, a lot more than that for me. Yikes.

Congrats on the award! You so deserve it.

Dianne K. Salerni said...

Thanks for the award! It made me smile and feel all warm and gooey 'cause somebody likes me!

Which leads me to my high school self: insecure, shy, wall-flower, tongue-tied, brainy, nerdy, and absolutely sure that nobody really liked her -- except when they needed a partner on a project to get a good grade.

She still comes back and haunts me sometimes.

I'm groping for something clever to say about the park ... but it's been a long week. I'm just going to shudder and say, "ew, yuck."

Sherrie Petersen said...

Oh, thank you Schmoopie!! You are so very kind!

As for that park, me thinks you need to find a new park! Yikes!

As for what I was like in high school, well. Have you ever seen the show Ugly Betty? Yeah. I was a dead ringer. Seriously. I've got the photos to prove it.

Blee Bonn said...

I was a complete book worm. If I wasn't in the library, I was hiding my books inside my school textbooks so I could still read during class. I don't think I was a nerd or a geek, but OMG now that I think about it, maybe I was...

No, I'm pretty sure my sister would have told me if I was. :)

lisa and laura said...

That park trip is horrifying. I kind of like the park, sometimes. It just depends. When you said you and your husband have a code word it reminded me of the code word our dad came up with for us when we were little. If somebody other than our parents came to pick us up, we were supposed to ask them the code word. It was Gargamel (you know, from the Smurfs?) Yeah.

Lola Sharp said...

Dude, you need to go to a better, less smelly/dead park. Ew.

In high school I was popular, good grades, social, big hair, beach, boys, dance class.

That was a long time ago.

I'm still social, still work the hair...but I've been through lots of stages since high school. I'm a married mom now. But I'm thinking we need a code word!

Tammy Gallant said...

I was always the girl with her nose in a book. Yep, a nerd. Thank goodness that changed. Wait, no, I'm still the nerd with her nose in a book, SHIT!

Unknown said...

Love your blog!!! Hilarious about your discoveries!!!

In High School I was really into cross country and had several friends. I guess you would call me the jock, however I was a girly girl!

Angela Ackerman said...

I remember one foray to the park with my 4 yr old..I was helping the 6 yr old pick out a tree for his birdhouse that he'd made, and looked over to check on 4 yr old. He was bent over the grass, petting something. Further examination revealed it was a skunk. It was a tough call, but I found myself happy that it was dead and not alive.

Anonymous said...

I was kinda an @$$h0!e. Like many people. I just didn't know it at the time. I look at kids these days that remind me of myself at that stage of my life and I ask myself "That's what I was like?"

Stephen Tremp