Friday, July 2, 2010

Feel me up Friday Awards: Gettin' crap done since 2010

Oh my gosh. This is awkward.

Well, that's what the offspring says, anyway. Fitting since, uhhhhhhhh, Friday came so fast I wasn't prepared for this post. #candylandfail

On the bright side, no long, drawn out foreplay this week. Wait. Is that a good thing or not? What's our relationship coming to if you only stop by to Feel Me Up once a week? Do we need counseling?Maybe we can just write about it. Hmmm......Anyway.....straight to the good stuff. Wash your hands, please. I saw what you did with them earlier.

Random Fact: If I miss Y&R, my whole day is shot. I feel less productive, less Candylandy, less everything. Some days I don't even pay attention to it, but it HAS to be on in the background or I feel crazy. *Wonders if I am crazy....* It's on right now but I have no idea what's happening.*Is definitely crazy*

Random Fact: It's official. One of three big doors has opened and Candyland is writing a YA Novel Writing for Beginners course for KSURF online. My first lesson passed the test and write 9 more lessons before it's live. I'll be teaching the online class as well, sooooo.....yeaahhhhhhhh learning!

WHOA. That was amazing. Friday quickies are nice. Soooo nice. Next time can we have dinner first? Yeah. So this week has been a weird one. Life and all it's circleness completely sucked me in from caterpillar larvae to a funeral and back around again. If there's one thing I want to leave you with this Friday, it's this:

Please don't put crap off today because you think you'll get to it tomorrow. Tomorrow may never come. Yeah it's a famous quote or proverb or something but I said it my way.
Write today. Love today. Live today.

And with the spirit of us all spreading our wings and flying towards our paths to publication (or whatever your dream may be), the winner of a beautiful stained glass butterfly book mark (whattamouthfullll) is.......

Comment#5---------------->Kelly Breakey!

Email your address to [candace ganger at yahoo dot com] pretty please:)

SSS<---Sorry so short, but with the holiday weekend, and blah blah blah, Candyland has some work to do. See ya on zee flip side.

Until then, what one show do you HAVE to see? huh huh huh?

Candyland. OUT.

P.S. Have a safe holiday weekend and watch out for sparklers. They're not as cute as they appear. And bottlerockets can go to hell. Oh and those little snap thingys rock. Do those! Yeah...


Matthew MacNish said...

That is effing awesome you're going to put together a writing course Candace, congrats!

Unknown said...

Those sparklers are dangerous!!!

Wow Candyland teaching, you've got to be the best teacher around, with your witty little comments and it's all good attitude (or do you have to act professional... if the answer is yes then... LAME. lol)

Thanks for keeping it real Candyland... next time I'll buy you some ramen noodles so feelin you up friday's isn't so bad ;)

S.A. Larsenッ said...

Hmm...I'm not that much of a TV buff, but currently I love SYTYCD. And yes, way back when I was a major Buffy fan. *tugs hoodie over head*

Enjoy your weekend, too. No hugging the porcelain either.

Creepy Query Girl said...

Congrats Kelly!! and Candy, that's awesome about the writing course! I used to be a huge Guiding Light fan. It was like mothers milk to me. Haven't seen it in a long time though...:)

Kelly Breakey said...

CONGRATULATIONS on the new job. That is awesome. Make sure you give us the info so we can check out the course.

Have a great holiday...will send a toast your way after the margarita's are made on Sunday.

Lydia Kang said...

That is so awesome that you are doing a writing course! So cool. And I always LOL on your FMUF's. It's so naughty, but so entertaining, ha ha!

Dianne K. Salerni said...

Congratulations, fellow teacher! That is so awesome! Be sure and post the link where we will be able to see your name next to the course title!

Jessica Bell said...

That's so great about the lessons! You'll probably learn a ton too writing them. Cool stuff!!!

Grey's Anatomy and Bones are the two I can't live without ... :o)

Elana Johnson said...

Holy crap! I'm excited that you'll be teaching a class -- how cool. I can't wait to hear all about it!

Zoe C. Courtman said...

Dude. Teaching a class = so freakin' cool! So how did it come about, and how are you preparing?? Congrats for sure!!

Jaydee Morgan said...

Congrats on getting to write and teach the writing class - that's absolutely fantastic!!

Have a great weekend :)

Riv Re said...

One of the main reasons I love this blog is because you bring this incredible mix of depth and humor to the table, mixed in with writing.
Congrats on the writing class, and you are NOT crazy. (Well, maybe a little.)
Congrats to Kelly too.

Carolyn V. said...

Woo hoo! I'm so excited for you Candy! Awesome that you are teaching!

I love Castle. But every time I see the main character, I can't help think of Captain Hammer. =)

Stina said...

Woo hoo on the course. Go rock 'em girl!

I haven't watched TV in a while, though there's one show I've been meaning to watch . . . for research. ;)