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Birdie & Bash Character Study #5!

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To kick off the countdown to July 25th, 2017 (I know, it seems far away but it's really only 4 months away—whaaaaa???!!!), I'll be showcasing a different character from my debut YA novel—THE INEVITABLE COLLISION OF BIRDIE & BASH—until release! This is your chance to get to know everyone before you read! You can also check out the 1st 2 chapters on!

Today's Character Study Focuses on: BESS & BROOKS PAXTON (Birdie's parents)

BESS & BROOKS in a nutshell: This longtime couple have had their hardships and even as they struggle to make it work for their children, there's always the lingering question "Is love really enough?" With Brooks working all the time (and still not making enough) and Bess having "thrown away" the life she wanted to be a mother, a lot of Birdie's reasoning and drive comes from not wanting to turn out like her parents.

Why they're important to the story: Marriage is complicated enough without tragedy. While they're the foundation for Birdie's story, a lot of their individual struggles apply to anyone who's ever been in love, or experienced loss. Bess is the dreamer, comparable to Birdie's crush, Bash, while Brooks is the practical one—more like Birdie herself. They ground her; cement her into what's important, just as everything else feels lost.

Favorite BESS & BROOKS non-dialogue actions: While awaiting news of their youngest son in the hospital—whether he will live or die—Bess insists on staying at her son's side while Brooks returns home to carefully pack clothes and things that might comfort his grieving wife. These actions are small in excitement but bit in meaning as they've had such difficulty staying afloat already and now here they are, holding onto whatever they can so not to fall apart.

Thanks for stopping by! Stay tuned for the next Character Study the 25th of April 2017!

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