Saturday, March 20, 2010

Always a Jester, never a Prom Queen

Disclaimer: This is meant for satirical purposes so don't take every word as is. Laugh. Like you've never laughed before. With me, not at me.

Trying to break through to the other side is painful. From unknown to omg-it's-HER, is the dream. But I'm realizing, it's all just another contest. To be...popular. Ugh.

As with everything, calling yourself a writer puts you in a group of others who also write. But there are different levels. Like back in high school. Everyone liked me. I was kind-of alright. But I was in my OWN group. Lived by my OWN rules, with few real friends. The Shinys, (cool kids), talked to me, smiled, even, but we never hung out. I wasn't shiny enough.

Life is the same way. In work, school, friendship circles, writing, they all have cliques. They all have a magic door where only certain Shiny's get a key. Just starting out, it's damn near impossible to earn a key from a Shiny. I'm a nobody. And I guess I don't blame them. It takes time. One must be persistent in gaining a Shiny's trust. Don't scare them. Don't stare too long or hug too tight. They're fickle, magnificent creatures.

I can't say it enough: Whoring your profile picture and commenting on every blog as often as possible is the best way to start. Friendships develop. Talk of hotheads and beta readings ensue, (thanks MeganRebekah-you ROCK). It's a long journey to Prom Queen. You have to prove yourself, your writing, your personality, your super-awesome, (some call it lame), sprinkler move on the dance floor.


Momma wants a sash and tiara. So let me ask, aside from "Spreading Thy Seed," by means of blogging, what have you done/will you do to promote yourself?

PS: A HUGE thank you to everyone who has gone out of their way to read/comment on/follow my blog. You are Shinier than any Shiny I've ever met. I promise never to become so jaded, I'd forget who reached out their hands to the new girl. To everyone else, I'm a persistent little biotch and YOU, and YOU, and YOU...YOU'RE GONNA LOVE ME...


MeganRebekah said...

Yay! I rock!

Candyland said...

You do!!!!

Kasie West said...

LOL So true. So true. Let's see, what have I done/am willing to do?? I've exposed myself on my blog. Not literally, but when I get personal about anything, I feel so exposed. I tweet, I facebook, I blog, I comment. I basically waste a lot of time. :) But it's all for a good cause, right?

Candyland said...

It's a vulnerable position to say things out in the great wide open, right? Very exposing. Very naked.
I feel you, Kasie. Not literally, but, you know...
Anyway, it is definitely for a good cause and all part of the game. And with an agent and followers, you're a Shiny! And you're talking to me-GASP!
I'm honored:)

Sheri Larsen said...

As humorous as we know you can be (I just slammed my palm over my mouth--Ouch, damn it), I found more wisdom in your word choices than jest. I think you and me, my friend, are cut from rather familiar cloths.

Candyland said...

Then this journey we shall get through...together.