Monday, May 3, 2010

Fearless like a lion. Not the cowardly kind.

You've seen those play sets in McDonald's right? The ones covered in sweat, hamburger grease and laughter. I took Lilliana to burn off as much freaking energy as possible play for awhile, after she ate her Happy Meal, of course, and realized something. She's fearless, beautifully unafraid of tackling something far out of reach.

The other kids watched in envy, as she crawled effortlessly through the wobbly contraptions, gasping and pointing at the brave girl high above.

"You try," said one mother.

"Noooo," the boy said. "Too scary."

"But the little girl's doing it," she said. The boy continued shaking his head, his eyes bulging at my princess who sang the whole way through.

She had no fear, never once thought about falling, never once took a shaky breath and never once doubted herself. She's taught me so much already, but this time, it stuck. With 9:59 REWIND in good hands (amazing hands), the clock's stopped; time feels frozen and I've been kind of out of it, waiting for answers. But watching my baby conquer the jungle gym like a pro, life flooded my veins. I saw everything I want to be: confident, strong, I've decided I will be.

We all get lost in the doubt, in the waiting at times. But never lose sight of the big picture, of the little girl breezing past the other kids, of that feeling you get in your gut when you know you're headed in the right direction...

Because you never know. It might lead you to your dreams.

Thanks to my new bffness, T.J. Carson, I've been TAGGED. Oh, and consider yourself lucky getting a little feel-up action on a MONDAY! *gasp*

So here is how the game is played. There are 5 questions and you must answer each question 5 times and then TAG 5 people to play. So here goes my 5...

Question 1: Where were you 5 years ago?
-Holding a guitar like it was my air
-Hangin' with the likes of Flyleaf and such
-Figuring out if my husband was going to be my husband
-Super skinny (and thought I was a whale)
-Life of the effing party

Question 2: Where would you like to be 5 years from now?
-Writing for a living
-Mommy to more offspring
-Super skinny (and not think I'm a whale)
-Life of the effing party

Question 3: What is (was) your to-do list today?
-Feed offspring
-Play with offspring
-Help offspring nap (pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease)
-Bathe (hopefully)

Question 4: What 5 snacks do you enjoy?
-Nutella and graham crackers
-Homemade brand Cookies and Cream ice cream
-Laughing Cow cheese with Ritz
-Apple and peanut butter

Question 5: What 5 things would you do if you were a billionaire?
-Adopt a troubled teen (like in the Blind Side)...  :/
-Buy the hubs's beloved drum set back (he sold them so we could go on vacation last year)
-Get a headstone for my father
-Secure my offspring's future with a PHAT trust
-Pay everyone back whoever helped us when things were tough


And now, a word from our contestes (he he) sponser...(only 6 followers to go...)
OH, help me get to 100 and get an extra entry in the soon to be announced CONTEST...

Candyland. Out.

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Matthew Rush said...

Shoot, I already got tagged to do this once before. And I forgot, of course. I'm going to do it tomorrow. I need something to post about anyway.

Thanks Candace!

Stina Lindenblatt said...

C., you crack me up every time. The writing for a living works for me. :D

The Alliterative Allomorph said...

LOL. Ok how do I enter the contest? LOLOLOL

Alesa Warcan said...

Ha, awesome story about your daughter!
When you climb up to where people don't go, you get a better view... But it can get lonely after a while. I hope she never reaches that phase of the ascension. ; j

Jaydee Morgan said...

We really can learn so much from our kids if we take the time to notice. Great post!

I think that's a great idea - I'm going to try the "no fear" for awhile and run with it :)

LR said...

Good luck with your novel! I'm sure you'll succeed in the end.

Kelly said...

My daughter has always been much more fearless than her brothers. Girl power! :)
Loved learning more about you in the tag!!

Patti said...

I am much more of a chicken than my kids. I'm dreading the day when my daughter wants to do more than me.

I loved your answers, that's a great assignment.

Carolyn V. said...

No way! I've totally been tagged! Sweet! Thanks Candace!

I loved your answers. The whole cookies and cream ice cream...delish!

The Alliterative Allomorph said...

posting about your contest (along with my contest) tonight at midnight (I think you're around 7 hours behind me :)

Talli Roland said...

Love this! I can just imagine your totally fearless daughter (Lilliana - what a beautiful name!) crawling around with no fear. If only we could be like that now!

Creepy Query Girl said...

Sounds like my two and half year old. She was born without fear as well, which is both inspiring and a double bladed sword. I like to say she's on 24 hour suicide watch and my job is just to keep her alive.

Tahereh said...

your posts are always so freaking funny, candace.

i loves you.

and i loves your girl!! FEARLESSSSSSSS!!


Angela said...

That's so great about your daughter. :) I think we can all learn a lesson from her.

MBW aka Olleymae said...

That's what I love about kids. They seriously teach you so much. Why did I forget it all when I grew up???

Best of luck with your 5 yrs from now goals!!!!

Kasie West said...

Sometimes it's good to remember that our whole world doesn't revolve around our books. (just half of our world and on some days three quarters) :) Great story about your daughter. I would love to be fearless like that. Good luck with your book.

Kasie West said...

Sometimes it's good to remember that our whole world doesn't revolve around our books. (just half of our world and on some days three quarters) :) Great story about your daughter. I would love to be fearless like that. Good luck with your book.

Candyland said...

(To those without an email I can reply to!)

Jess-I haven't announced it yet, silly:) FIVE followers to go!!! And thanks for putting it on yours. I'll link whatever contest you have, too.

Alesa- I agree! I'm sure it can be lonely. She's tough. I want to be as tough as her.

Creepy Query Girl- 24 hour suicide watch is pretty accurate!!!

Tahereh- Me loves you too BFFL

(Sorry if I forgot someone:/)

Shannon said...

I love the story about your daughter. What's even better is that you're able to look at something most people would glance past, find the relevance to the, and apply it. :)

Thanks for sharing.

Jen said...

Way to go Candyland!!! I love your blog, super awesome!

Grandma needs hearing aids! I want some random crap, and I don't really want her to say pleasure ever again!! Hilarious!

Can't wait for our friday video funtastic post!

Dianne K. Salerni said...

Oops... Just discovered that I've been tagged! I'm a little late with my blog reading today.

The upside of this is that I now have a blog post topic for Friday. Thank goodness, 'cause I needed one. :)

Ashley A. said...

YES! I think a life without fear is the only true life there is.

salarsenッ said...

'K, C...(not like the dude on Baywatch, although he was hot.) I'll reiterate: 'K, C,

I am a putz. Thanks to Dianne I just realized I'd been tagged. This seems like lots of fun. I will post it this week. ";-)