Thursday, October 7, 2010


Ok, friends. Candyland  has a couple of  huge-ass apologies and one explanation to share. But first, if you haven't donated to the Out of the Darkness Walk yet, please think about giving just $1 to either of the names listed below. If you donate in my name, make sure your donation goes towards the BLOOMINGTON walk, as there are two I'd signed up for.

Though I surpassed my goal, it was a small goal and honestly I'd love to raise a little more. The walk is THIS SUNDAY, but donations are accepted through the end of the year. Just click the banner and type in one of our names. Every dollar makes a difference.
And a HUGE thank you to everyone's who's already donated in my name:
~Kelly Breakey
~Theresa Milstein
~Leigh Moore
~Susan Kaye Quinn
~DL Hammons
~Jessica Bell
~The Lee Family
~Gretchen Stelter
~Sharon Mayhew
~And TWO Anonymous donors...
~You could be the next to help save lives.

Now onto to why Candyland deserves a time-out.

Apology numero UNO: Not only have I been away in dreamland with @NewMedicine, but I've not commented on blogs as regularly as I use to. This is from absent/work/errands/daydreaming/life/hairwashing.

Regardless, theres no excuse. And I'm sorry.

Apology numero DOS (and an explanation): In yesterday's post, I did not mention the fact that it was, in fact, my anniversary. I've now been married 3 years (together six) and think my husband is pretty effing cool. However, some random stragglers might have question marks hovering re: my (pretend) love affair with New Medicine's Matt Brady.

I'm going to clear it up. Right. Now.

I'm in love with Brady Erik G (as you can see, I'm crystal clear...meh...). From the day we (me and hubs, not Brady) met, I  was free love, free spirit, no apologies...I was me. And you know what? He took me EXACTLY as I was. No questions asked.

The reason the hubs rocks is because he's never asked me to be anything other than me. He's very aware of my big heart and even more aware that it might latch onto to something or someone at any given time. He's not the jealous type, and if he were, we wouldn't be together. He also knows if a female M.B. comes around, he has free reign to crush away. That's how we roll.

(And PS, thank you to M.B. for being such a good sport through all my smut + gush + public consumption. And still talks to me after the fact (???) This is why I lovessss the man)

So, to Erik G: Happy belated (and very public) anniversary. Thank you for loving me EXACTLY the way I am (even if it means crushing on a bad ass, sweet as candy bass player). xoxo

Now, back to you all lovely faces.

To make my assiness up to you, I'm coming clean. There are a few photos I kept all to myself re: @NewMedicine's tour bus. A couple of them, will remain private (because I'm still still a sneaky minx). But being a writer, I have a major appreciation for a man who:
a) loves to read
b) reads intelligent, writerly novels
c) is not only a bad ass musician, but a compassionate, thoughtful, thinker-type

With that said, and in Brady's honor, I'll be giving away his current read to one lucky commenter of this post.
Yes, this is his bunk. Yes, it was hot in there.
From this day forward, I will do my bestest to show you all the love you've continued to show me day after day, through all my nonsense and then some.

So if you want to win this book, (well, not THIS exact book, but a copy of it), leave your email in the comments. If you don't want the book, I hope you'll still leave some comment <3 anyway. Winners drawn tomorrow.

So tell me you have any pictures you're holding out on (NONONO not those kind of pictures)? And what punishment should Candyland have for being so bad (keep it PG)? And arent both of these men completely incredible for putting up with my hijinks?<--yes.
Candyland. OUT.


Shannon said...

Dude, you can neglect and abuse me all you want. Well, within the blogsphere.

And as far as I'm concerned, no apology is needed. We all get swamped/distracted/delayed from time to time. Part of this whole writerly love fest includes understanding that.


P.S. Don't add me to the contest. I have a stack of books on my nightstand waiting to be devoured. If I add another, it will feel neglected.

Shannon said...

Opps...happy belated anniversary. <3

Terri Tiffany said...

Happy Anniversary! ANd life happens--that's it but you are genuine and that is what counts.
terri dot tiffany at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary !!! Free wheeling and restless is will lead to a many more..I know because you have a long ways to catch up to me :-)

Renae said...

Happy Anniversary and the apologies are not necessary! Life happens and we all understand!

Joanna St. James said...

Happy Anni and am just glad you are having fun.

LTM said...

omg--LOL! You did the Tour Bus post instead of sending a "Happy Anni" wish??? :D BAH!!! (CL: Talk to the hand.)

Happy late anni, and you'd better rudy-poo your candy-a** to my blog.

(J/k--I am SO no one to talk right now~)

Karla Nellenbach said...

Happy belated anniversary :)

And, yes, put me in the mix for the prize *crosses fingers*


aspiring_x said...

happy anniversary!!!
and ohno! i had to go back and read the last two posts! i've been flaking out too lately! but YAY for the tourbus tour and the brady seal of preference!!!!
AND to make ammends to the hubs, perhaps you could give him his own little vid spotlight? we all know that he loves the attention. :)

Kelly said...

Everyone gets busy!!
And it sounds like you have a good man!! (or two :) Happy Anniversary!
And Brady reads too. SHEESH! I suppose he does his own laundry too?! :)

Lenny Lee! said...

hi miss candace! for me cause you just let yourself be you is why i love you soooo much. i like how you share youself real honest. i hope im just like that too. i dont have secrets or hide away pictures mostly cause i dont have a camera. ha ha. im excited about that walk. you got such a big heart for helping. i love that about you too.
...lots of love and hugs from lenny

Carolyn V. said...

I do have photos that I keep secret...and I'll never show them. Mwa ha ha! Happy anniversary!

Kelly Breakey said...

Yes you are a lucky girl. I am a little jealous. I am going to sit this one out, now if you were auctioning off his blanket...weeehellll. That would be another story all together.

In fact why didn't you get the blanket? I am a little disappointed girl, you are way sneakier than that. What? Did you get a pillow? Come on you can tell us.

Shannon O'Donnell said...

You have so NOT been bad! Your hubby has already proven his coolness 100 times over on this blog, and you gush about him adorably. We all have our "crushes", we're just in denial about it, while you embrace and enjoy yours. If I could have James Dashner calling my cell phone and pulling me from lines of people, girl, I WOULD! And as for comments...well, BR8o is a pretty darn good excuse! LOL. :-)

We love you just as you are, too!

Colene Murphy said...

You hubs sounds incredibly wonderful and perfectly suited to you! SO go BOTH of you cause he is a lucky ducky too!

Nicole Zoltack said...

Happy belated anniversary! And your hubby sounds like a wonderful man.

Talli Roland said...

Happy anniversary!

I don't think you deserve any punishment! Neglect away - we all have lives outside of the blogopshere!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Happy anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary, and congrats on having awesome men in your life that make you happy in different ways!

Theresa Milstein said...

All these apologies and I wasn't even offended.

I'm glad you raised money and hope you raise even more.

Happy anniversary and happy New Medicine.

Katherine C said...

Happy anniversary!

Your husband sounds a LOT like mine :-) Yay for understanding husbands!

Jude said...

Congrats on your anniversary!!! I'm squealing over here.

Sigh. I'd like to get married too <333

and jujubeantea [at] aol [dot] com!

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Happy Anniversary to you guys! I hope you do something special this weekend...

You've got some very cool stuff goin' on Candace...Everyone understands when life happens. :) It's nice to hear that it's good stuff happenin' for you... (smile)