Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I was sleeping, I just didn't close my eyes

The offspring is approaching that time. Yaaknow. The one where she refuses to take that beloved nap so Mommy can watch Y&R and eat chocolate and think about nothing. It wouldn't be so terrible if, at 2pm, she wasn't throwing tantrums making it feel like the longest day in history (everyday).

But there's good news.

Wait...I think.

Okay, so I forgot my point. I'm going to do something unheard of right this moment. I'm going to say random words and see what the hubs has to say because as I type, my carp tun is locking my fingers. Even Candy needs a little help sometimes. And...go.

Pretzel: rod
Forest: tree
Milkshake: yum
Labrynth: shitty movie
Cartoon: fun
Violet: roygbv
Pink Floyd: trippy
February: cold

Thanks, dear. Always so insightful. Use this as your number one writing exercise because it's so scientific. Riiiggghhhttt. Or, just click "Next Blog," where, even if a blank screen, you will learn more than here, today.

Seriously, Candyland apologies for the short notice exit. Off to find my brace. Meh.

 Tell me friends, what's the FIRST word that comes to mind when you read the words above. Don't think. Just type.
Candyland. OUT.


Jessica Bell said...

Pretzel: salty
Forest: cold
Milkshake: ice cream
Labrynth: David Bowie
Cartoon: ugh
Violet: smooth
Pink Floyd: punk
February: birthday


Anne said...

How can anyone not like King Jareth?

You remind me if the babe. What babe?
The babe with the power. What power?
The power of voodoo. Who do?
You do. Do what?
Remind me of the babe...

I should probably stop singing to everyone.

Susan Fields said...

I hope your fingers feel better very soon! And that the offspring keeps taking those precious naps!

Pretzel: salt
Forest: green
Milkshake: vanilla
Labyrinth: maze
Cartoon: Bugs Bunny
Violet: purple
Pink Floyd: music
February: snow

Tracy said...

I can't now! Once I see someone else's answers it's all I can think about. I'm also highly susceptible to getting a song stuck in my head if someone sings only a couple bars to me.

Sorry about the hands. :o( I can't eevn think of anything silly to say, because it's no longer a silly pain in the butt, but a real pain in the ass, er... hand. (Okay, I guess I could come up with something after all)

Kelly said...

My oldest child napped til he was in kindergarten. My second child stopped napping when she was two! So I instituted a "quiet time" where she had to be in her room and she could look at books, play but had to stay in there for an hour and a half! Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't with her;she's a pistol. But my third one didn't take naps either but was compliant and had his quiet time each day so Mommy could stay sane.
Good luck with the naps and your carpal!!!

aspiring_x said...

DAH!!! but labryth is SO SO SO AwEsOmE!!! jim henson and george lucas!?!? total rock stars!
and how is it possible to not fall in love with Ludo???

Linda G. said...

Twisty, green, chocolate, minotaur, Popeye, purple, bad boyfriend, birthday.

Hope your CPS clears up soon! :)

Kelly Breakey said...

That sounds like homework. Nope, not gonna do it. Just know my answers would have rocked. Or something anyway.

DL Hammons said...

Pretzel: Twisty
Forest: Gump
Milkshake: Vanilla
Labrynth: Cool word
Cartoon: Violence
Violet: Somebody's name
Pink Floyd: Comfortably Numb
February: Short changed.


Tina Lynn said...

Yeah...um...you tell me not to think and I start thinking. I'm a rebel.

Matthew Rush said...

Pretzel: warm
Forest: pine
Milkshake: cold
Labrynth: maze
Cartoon: meh
Violet: what the F is a roygbv?
Pink Floyd: drugs
February: wind

This was fun. Thanks.

Falen (Sarah Ahiers) said...

Your husband is completely 100% WRONG about Labyrinth. It's one of the best movie in the history of the world.
That is all.

Melissa Gill said...

My mind is in such a fog that I can't think of a single word, no not one.

Colene Murphy said...

Shitty Movie!? Strike 1 Candyman...

I hope you're hands stop aching so badly soon!!

And naps...so precious...so wonderful...can I have her naps if she's not gonna use 'em?

Creepy Query Girl said...

lol. Too funny. Trippy is a perfect word for Pink Floyd. Their music freaks me out, like seriously, gives me a nervous stomache.

Angela Felsted said...

You always make me laugh. May your little one outgrow the tantrums soon.

Nicole Zoltack said...

I cannot believe that your hubs said shitty movie for Labrynth. *shakes head sadly*

Talli Roland said...

Pretzel: crunchy
Forest: silence
Milkshake: head ache
Labrynth: fantasy
Cartoon: boring
Violet: intense
Pink Floyd: spacey
February: hearts

That was fun! Seriously. I need to get out more.

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Pretzel: dry
Forest: smells
Milkshake: chocolate
Labrynth: fantasy
Cartoon: channel
Violet: purple
Pink Floyd: yuck!
February: scott and wyatt
(Both of my boys were born in Feb.)

Hang in there, Candace! :-)

Joanna St. James said...

ah those blessed naps, as long as toddler stays in his room and I can have some alone time i am fine even if that means i get a wired kid at nite.

Lenny Lee* said...

hi miss candace! im feeling really bad your wrist is still hurting. maybe you could go at the doctor and get a shot. my brother did and it helped.for those words heres my answers.
milkshake...chocolate labrynth...lost cartoon...roadrunner violet...flower
february...moms birthday
i hope you get that wrist feeling better so you could get back to typing stuff.
...hugs from lenny

Dianne K. Salerni said...

I can't think of anything except the word that's already typed next to it, so I'll try it on my daughters:

Pretzel: eat
Forest: woods
Milkshake: Yum!
Labyrinth: maze
Cartoon: Sponge Bob
Violet: purple
Pink Floyd: Huh? What?
February: skiing

Vicki Rocho said...

My two oldest quit napping at 2. That sucked about as much as when they shifted from TWO naps a day to ONE. I feel for you.

Pretzel: Twisted
Forest: Pine
Milkshake: Chocolate
Labrynth: Dark Maze
Cartoon: Color
Violet: Flower
Pink Floyd: Laser
February: Snow

(The Pink Floyd thing--hubs and I saw a laser light show at a planetarium once set to the Dark Side of the Moon album)

Shannon said...

Sorry I'm so late getting over here. Long day. What's the good news? I know you has some!

Here's my word association answers:

Pretzel: Salt
Forest: green
Milkshake: strawberry
Labrynth: Bowie
Cartoon: character
Violet: trees
Pink Floyd: pot
February: groundhog

I asked Mike for S&Gs:

Pretzel: bread
Forest: tree
Milkshake: chocolate
Labrynth: maze
Cartoon: Mickey Mouse
Violet: Flower
Pink Floyd: music
February: month

Solvang Sherrie said...

Pretzel: baking (I make 'em for my kids)
Forest: dark
Milkshake: Yum!
Labyrinth: minotaur
Cartoon: avatar
Violet: flower
Pink Floyd: wall
February: valentines

That was fun :)