Friday, May 27, 2011

Feel Me Up Friday: I guess I'll put on pants

I had a whole post ready for today. Really, I did. But then the funniest thing happened: I got food poisoning for the second time THIS WEEK. It wasn't the spoonfuls of icing, or the half a can of nuts I ate at 1am the night prior. In fact, the only thing I can attribute it to is...get this...FRUIT. So, I'm taking this as a sign that I should not be eating so much fruit and to up my intake of icing and nuts.

In the meantime, warm up your hands. Let's get busy.

Random Fact: When I say the words "Let me put on my pants," you better watch out. Something fancy is going on like I'm actually leaving the house. This is rare.

Random Fact: I'm a pretty tough Latino/Pacific Islander/African American/Guatemalan/[insert other races in which people have assumed I am], but during thunder storms, I will not cut you. You will, in fact, find me shivering in the corner of the closet, crying. Boom boom scares me.

I know some of you don't reside in America, but Monday is a holiday in which I shall partake. Any excuse to eat more food, really. Yes, I'm thinking of food even when the stomach Gods are churning a sour stew on top of my baby's head. And to the one of you who still reads this silly blog, that means I will probably just stare at the computer screen instead of actually type something into it.

Until Tuesday, I invite you to tell me your fears, no matter how asinine. I'll start. I'm afraid terrified will pee my pants over: Toilet rims with anything on them. And to be honest, letting my parents see me pregnant. Because they now know what I do in my spare time.You're turn.

Happy weekend, friends.

Candyland. OUT.


Jessica Bell said...

Aw, hon, I think you need more time off than a long weekend! :-/ xoxo

salarsenッ said...

Are you sure it was food poisoning again?? Geez...take care, sweets! My truth, confession, or what have you: spending this HOLIDAY weekend at a soccer tournie is just what I want. :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Okay, the line about your parents knowing what you do in your spare time made me laugh!

KatieO said...

I'm laughing along with Alex ;-)

I'm afraid of spiders. And ticks. And just about anything small and creepy crawly that I find in my house where it shouldn't be!

Matthew MacNish said...

You don't need pants for any of this. My biggest fear is not something I can talk about online, but I did have a terrifying dream last night where my kids and I got stuck in a tall building during an earthquake. We survived, but then it was like a post-apocalyptic world and we had to travel the road with knives and a gun with one bullet.

That was kind of scary.

Creepy Query Girl said...

I'm afraid of underwater animals. Sharks and jellyfish at the beach. Large fish tend to creep me out too. I'm pretty convinced I'll be eaten by a croc or an alligator when swimming in lakes, despite the fact that connecticut has no alligators (allegedly). And I get creeped out in the pool. Water snakes could totally get in.

Lenny Lee* said...

hi miss candace! yikes! food poisened again! ack! sorry you got that. i hope you could feel better fast. me and you are just the same for those storms. i run and hide under a blanket til its done.
...hugs from lenny

Patti said...

My fears are pretty similar to Katie's - water and anything that lives in it.

Elana Johnson said...

I feel the same way about pants. I like to change into stretchy ones about 2:30, and that means I can't go anywhere or do anything from then on. It's heaven.

Hope you have a great long weekend!

Jo Schaffer said...

Spiders, and bikinis (post babies). Haha!

Jen Daiker said...

You my friend are a fascinating specimen.

I heart Candyland so much. Though my comments have been disappearing (aka me not commenting) but today I knew I needed to let you know I'm lurking.

My truth: I haven't blogged because I've been writing. Rounding this week out at 30,000 words.

I am sort of addicted to Sister Wives. I don't understand their lifestyle but I find it fascinating.

So on my half day off I'm sitting here watching re-runs and commenting on your blog. Oh how I love the simple things in life.

Lydia K said...

I have a fear and fascination with tornadoes. Also, spiders make me shriek like a banshee.

Carolyn V said...

I'm totally sleeping in on Monday. Really. Oh and getting back to being on a blog vacation for about a month.

Have a great weekend Candace!

Johanna Garth said...

Recent follower stopping in to say hello. I'm so sorry you had food poisoning again! That's awful.

Biggest fears, hands down, RATS. Even typing the word gives me the heebie-jeebies!

Have a great weekend.

Magan said...

I'm afraid of pickles. No joke. They are gross and they smell and then my husband eats them and tries to kiss me and I just think 'ewwwwwwwww.'

Dianne K. Salerni said...

Are you SURE it's food poisoning you keep getting? You know that morning sickness doesn't only happen in the morning, and the people who say it ends at 12 weeks are lucky/damn liars?

I was nauseous 24/7 for 5-6 months with both my pregnancies. In the second pregnancy, I threw up more than I knew was possible (while still gaining enough weight to look like a house) and truly understood the euphemism "blow chunks." Just sayin'.

middle child said...

Um....Boom-Boom is what The Hunter and I refer to as having sex. Oh - and I am afraid of robots.

Heather said...

LOL! They know what you do in your spare time! You crack me up. But I have to admit, I would kind of feel the same way.

What terrifies me, my book launch this fall. Just typing that makes me have to focus not to hyperventilate.