Wednesday, November 16, 2016

You'll never believe what I'm doing...

Hey there, gorgeous. 

Yeah, YOU.

#sorrynotsorry for the clickbait but you're here and that's all that matters now!

I know it's been a hot minute since we last spoke (and I'm so sorry) but I think right now would be a great time for an uplifting distraction other than cat videos (bc I've seriously watched them all). So you know I sold Birdie & Bash and you see the Tweets and posts and blah blah blah about this book you know so little about and maybe you're like yay! but part of you is like whatthewhat? so now would be a stellar time to, ya know, tell you more about this book and WHY you should pre-order it now.

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Also starting Novemeber 25th, the day of the first important newsletter, I'll be counting down until the release of Birdie & Bash (July 25th, 2017 via St. Martin's Griffin) with each post highlighting a character from the book so you can really get in their heads before you dive into their journey.

Let me repeat. 

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Check back on November 25th for my very first character study. Who will it be?

Until then, make sure you've added Birdie & Bash on Goodreads and if you want to go ahead and preorder from any of these fine stores, I won't be mad atcha.



Questions? Comments? General inquiries about cat videos? Drop them below!


Candyland. OUT.

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