Wednesday, May 19, 2010

When your heart tears down the middle, think of robots

We're all people, dudes. Unless you're a robot. If you're a robot, stop reading. This isn't about you. Let me start by saying the offspring had a nasty tummy ache before bed. You know where this is going. I went to check on her an hour later, only to find she'd thrown up everyfreakingwhere.

This isn't the first time and needless to say, I'm feeling a little pukey/craptastic just thinkng about the chunks I had to scrub out of the carpet. Bleh. What's worse, the sweet thing was afraid to tell us, prepared to sleep in it. That makes my heart tear right down the middle. Something robots can't understand (I guess).
But I digress.

Some of us like The Used (me). Some of us prefer Miley Cyrus (the offspring). Some of us eat sushi (Matthew Rush). Some of us would rather lick dirt (me). Some of us call people names like "dag" (T.A.A.). Some of us don't know what the hell that means (me). Some of us have an agent (not me). Some of us don't (me).

Something's been stuck in my crawl for a few days now I have to get off my incredibly busty chest (daydreaming again). No, this is not a rant about Bert's hot wife (seriously, don't get me started on that mess), or a (valid) complaint about the Dollar Inn's screwy marketing campaign that advertises rooms at $26.95, but when you go in they're TWICE that.

This is about people. Awesome people. People who, I think, are the cat's meow. People who have been hurt. People who've been made to feel, they're less. People who fight the good fight with a smile. People who tell me their TRADE stories. People who want to be writers when they grow up. People who have it in them to be writers when they grow up. And the people who make those people feel like they'll never be as cool as them, or be writers when they grow up.

I've told you my TRADE story, and everything in between. You're always welcome here. Agented or not. Big publishing deal or not. I love you if you're successful, or if you're brand new. If you're reading my words, you're already a bigger a part of my world then you realize.

This goes out to everyone who's fighting the good fight with a smile. The people who give their all (or part) day after day. The people who obsessively check their emails for acceptance or rejections. Because we all want to be accepted...                                      Like this guy.
He hearts long walks on the beach,
his feet in snow,
and books on oxymorons.

Happy bday week numero tres, hubs.

Candyland. OUT.

P.S. Enter the contestesStroke Strike that. TWO contestes. They end TOMORROW at noon. Enter the drawing. Enter the photo contest. Enter them both. Tell your friends. Give me candy. Wait... For the photo contest, I'll be adding extra surprises when I announce winners. They're that awesome. I want to see more. Gimme gimme gimme.

P.P.S. If you need a larger image of Candyland for the contest, just ask and I'll email it to you, or use this.


Unknown said...

As usual very interesting. I can't say amazing because after all you talked about picking up big chunks of grossness this morning. Of course I'll let it go because your little one is ill, but I'm hoping from here on out that nothing else goes wrong in the tummy department!

Happy Birthday to the hubs! I always love to visit your blog, even in the grossness!

S.A. Larsenッ said...

Sweetie, please don't tell me your hubs b-day is today. Go look at my post. You'll laugh your @ss off!


Ooh, I'm sending your pick and re-tweeting thy contest, etc...

Stina said...

Oh, this post made me smile. :D

And happy bday to your hubby.

Avo said...

I'm may or may not be a robot, but I have feelings too! My possibly robotic heart is sending good vibes out to you, your sick wee bairn, and your birthday husband. Cheers!

Jessica Bell said...

Sugar water. Yes, that will make her stomachache ease. Put a couple of teaspoons of suger in a glass. Melt it with a little hot water. Fill rest with cold water so it's luke warm. Then drink. Works wonders. :)

Your hubbie looks like such a darl :)

Jaydee Morgan said...

I've been there with the kidlet and tummy troubles - hope it gets better soon and there's no more clean-up.

Not sure I'll be getting a pic in for your contest - this week has been extremely hectic (something must be in the air)

Lindsay said...

Aww, hope the little one is feeling better.
Happy bday to your hubs too. :)

Unknown said...

There are a few things, as a mom, that I hate hearing (not including truly horrible things that no mom ever wants to hear). One of those things I hate is, "Mom, my stomach hurts." Invariably, puking follows the declaration. I hope your little one feels better soon.

Talli Roland said...

Happy b-day to your hubs! Ugh, picking chunks out of the carpet. I feel ill now! Hope Lilliana feels better soon!

Patti said...

Okay I had a total gag reflex reading that first part. I hate when my kids throw up.

Laura S. said...

Aww, thanks! This is such a sweet post.

Well, after the beginning. You've only confirmed why the hubs and I are leaning toward "NO WAY JOSÉ" to the constant questions of whether or not we're going to have children, LOL!

Shannon said...

I hope Lil is feeling better. Poor baby.

Trying to find the words to respond to your comments about the awesomeness of writers. I can't really say much more than "right on."


Kierah Jane Reilly said...

Hope your little one feels better soon! I hate it when they throw up or get hurt and don't say anything because they don't want to make us mad. My daughter practically severed her finger once and slapped a few bandaids on it and it was her sister that finally told me. Wha??? Anyway, don't know if you've already done this, but that enzyme stuff they sell at the pet store to get urine smell off the rug? Works for kid vomit too.

Jo Schaffer said...

Haha! You're a babe. (=

Dawn Ius said...

Aww. I'm sorry your little one is sick. I drove my husband to work and came home to two dogs that had eaten the garbage and then thrown it up - so I'm familiar with late night / early morning clean-up duty...

But as usual, your turn your experience into something uplifting and positive, which is one of the reasons I love reading your blog.

And, happy b-day to your hubby.

Creepy Query Girl said...

Something about your posts always tugs at my heart strings. I definitely know how it can tear a person up to think about their kids having to go through anything unpleasant. Sorry you're going through that! (I went through something similar yesterday with my oldest who was having trouble breathing- scary) Here's to fighting the good fight (shit- where's my beer?) And 'joyeux anniversaire' to your hubs!

Carolyn V. said...

I'm so sorry you little gal threw up. I hate the late night tummy aches.

I am not a robot, I'm all squishy inside. So I'm glad I'm welcome here. =)

Happy b-day to your hubs! =)

Tahereh said...

it's days like these i'm grateful i'm not a robot.



he's obviously a brilliant man.


Shannon O'Donnell said...

Ah, the job description for motherhood is full good times, isn't it?! :-) I hope your little princess feels better soon.

Lydia Kang said...

Ah yes, the thing that binds all moms together--cleaning up kid vomit.
Hope she feels better and you got the smell off your hands!

Jeanne Ryan (Serenissima) said...

I totally get how that would tear your heart--poor little bunny not wanting to tell mommy and daddy. My own bunnies both had stomach flu last week, so this hits close to home.

Keep fighting the good fight!

Sherrie Petersen said...

Your husband is such a good sport :)

My kids had the stomach flu earlier this year and I swear, as soon as I finished cleaning up after one, the other would start blowing chunks. Hubby was on a business trip. It was a miserable 18 hours. Hope your babe feels better soon.

Clara said...

I just love the wa you write.
And you picked one hell of a theme! I am with you, all fighters out there need some luff!

Thanks for that!

Vicki Rocho said...

I hate it when the kids are sick. My oldest daughter could NEVER get it in the bucket we left for her. It would splash over the side, she'd not have her head over was always something. I started sleeping on their floor when they had the flu so I could grab the bucket at the first warning groan.