Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Be a freakin' hero

Do something good today.

Not like, put the toilet seat down kind of good. Or even wear deodorant for everyone else's sake. Actually, do those things anyway but that's not what I'm getting at. If you've read my blog long enough, you've heard some outrageous facts on Feel Me Up Fridays. I'm not afraid to expose my insides. In fact, I recommend it. It's THE BEST form of therapy. For realz.

One thing you might have noticed is the banner on the top of my page. If you haven't heard of To Write Love on Her Arms, you MUST check them out. They're an amazing organization who offers hope to those suffering from depression, suicide, self-injury, drug and alcohol addiction. They advocate healing through love, compassion and understanding.

Here's a random fact for you to swallow: This organization saved my life. Over the weekend, I had an email exchange with a new blog friend who reminded me how important it is to talk. We, as a people, don't talk enough. Through open communication and a "no fear" approach, it's 100% possible to overcome issues such as TWLOHA.
But I don't want this to be a post about me. I want it to be about my new hottie. That's right. Bert's on the verge of replacement and I have proof it's not all one-sided. This dude "likes" my status updates...
 He actually messages me back...
(though in my head it says "I love you, Candyland")
 And his name is really in my inbox. Seriously. I'm sure we'll be together forever. As long as the hubs doesn't mind.
The reason this guy #seriouslyrocks isn't just because he's in a kick-ass band and delicious to my eyes, but because he's deeper than that. There's another superfab organization I've only recently discovered through this New Medicine yummy, Matt Brady. Talk about a rocker with heart...This guy is a huge advocate of the organization, Joy 2 the World, which helps empower the women (and girls) of Ghana, Africa by generating microloans. I can't say enough good things about this band, this hottie or this org.
In a mini email interview, he had this to say:
 "I think J2W is an incredibly unique tool to inspire impowerment, not encourage dependency.  The program is really important to me and i'll be returning to Ghana in January to help oversee its progress."
What he forgot to add was this:
"I'm falling head over heels for you Candyland. If only I could see your face, I'm sure I''d be lost in your invisible eyes forever."

In honor of New Medicine's visit this Friday, I encourage you to do some good today for the women of Ghana, or my lovlies at TWLOHA. More on Matt Brady's mission next week, and why YOU should be a part of it (hubba hubba; he's seriously too hot).

Until then, spread the word. Pay it forward. I've already made my donations, now it's your turn. And if you stalk Matt Brady or New Medicine, tell them Candyland sent you...

If you could create a charity, what would your cause be?
Be beautiful today my friends.
Candyland Out.


S.A. Larsenッ said...

A great topic to post about. Nicely done and looking forward to hearing more. ";-)

Lenny Lee said...

hi miss candace! me and my family give to lots of stuff that helps people and animals. mom taught us about giving. one of my brothers works with mental ill people and drug users. the drug users are mostly real young. on days when he does groups at the day program i go with him and my special thing i do is give hugs to who ever wants one and i gotta tell you lots and lots of people do cause they dont have anyone to love them or care about them. mom said you get more back in your heart when you give out love and she was right about that. i like how you know that too.
...hugs from lenny

Creepy Query Girl said...

What a wonderful organisation! I've never heard of them but I will be sure to check them out. Thanks Candy- for everything you stand for...and for introducing me to Matt Brady. hubba hubba:) (I never thought I'd actually use that line. It just slipped out)

Unknown said...

Candyland you seriously rock!!!! Way to pay it forward my lovely!!!

If I had made my own organization it would be for orphans, I've always had a soft spot for them and the hubs and I always say when we have enough money we'd love to create a Christmas for them, buy a bunch of gifts and let them open up their dream toys. To see their smiles would be very special.

I think I'm just partial to them, I look forward to adopting children soon!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

It's an interesting concept! I learned recently that even though Ghana has things like large cities they still do stuff like take multiple wives. Big Love style. Women there need all the power they can get. Thanks for posting!

Matthew MacNish said...

This is great Candace, thanks for increasing the awareness!

Lydia Kang said...

Suicide prevention is so important. It's good to know there is a great organization out there like this. Thanks for posting!

Elana Johnson said...

You are funny -- AND kind. What a great combination! I *heart* you.

Renae said...

What a great organization. Thanks for posting and raising the awareness. And as always, you added your fabulous flair to an important topic. Well done!

February Grace said...

You are one amazing woman, Candyland. Seriously (((((hugs, or high fives, or both, whatever you prefer)))).

The thing I miss the most about my health going is the non-profit stuff I did for a long time. It was the work that fed my soul. Trying to get back into a tiny bit of it even though I can't do the big stuff anymore. I really, really miss it so seeing a post like this really warms my heart.

I hope everybody will give a little something- whatever they can, with your encouragement. $$$ or goods or volunteering time or even just good thoughts and/or prayers if praying is your thing- kindness, with the wish to truly help- always does good in this world.

You're a bright light in this world, Candy and we're all lucky that you're in it.


Tahereh said...

love this post. i couldn't agree more.


Tahereh said...
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February Grace said...

Ah! I forgot to answer your question about what charity I'd start if I could.

I'd start a foundation to provide handmade (that's a very important part of it) blankets and books to kids who were orphaned, in hospitals, in war zones, and after natural disasters, to be given by police and fire people to foster kids, etc.

I worked to do that for a long time when I was healthier and it was the most rewarding thing I've ever done in my life. You can't imagine what it feels like to see a child crying in an oncology ward, getting a huge needle hooked up for their first round of chemo- look up at you, smile and stop crying because they're holding a new blanket and interested in a storybook.

Words are magic, as is something to hold onto. I've seen it.

That's the charity I'd start. Oh, to win the lottery- I'd set it up TOMORROW.


Kelly Breakey said...

I would say "I'm falling head over heels for you Candyland. If only I could see your face, I'm sure I''d be lost in your invisible eyes forever." but I don't think it would mean the same as it would coming from Matt.

You are right, we need to do good things because we can. Thanks for the reminder.


Dawn Ius said...

You amaze me, Candy. xo

Stina said...

I've never heard of the organization, but thanks for sharing. There're some amazing ones out there that really do make a difference. :D

Talli Roland said...

I wondered what exactly that banner was at the top of your page and if I wasn't so lazy I would have clicked on it.

I'd like there to be more literacy charities out there. It's shocking how many kids can't read.

Carolyn V. said...

How sweet that he messaged you back! SWEET!

I love any charity that does things like the one you are supporting. Also any charity that helps kids. They are awesome. =)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Nice post!

I do have to say that your Worst Query Contest entry on my blog had had me busting up in tears laughing at it : )

As well as your If Taylor Lautner was my Pool Boy- I'm linking to a few friends LOL

Anonymous said...
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