Friday, May 14, 2010

Feel me up Friday Awards: I eat face wash & Blogger Is Crapping on my post

Still, you amaze me

I've written a little post, about a pain that's unimaginable. And in return, I get the most thoughtful, beautiful comments and emails two days later. I'm in awe of every single one of you. To be honest, I've been in a bad place mentally with writing. Like everything I'm doing still equals nothing, because there isn't much to show for it. Until two days ago. Now I have an entire folder called "Inspiration" that I'll look at everyday, because of you. 

On the contest front, in ONE WEEK winners will be drawn and photos picked. I've not gotten a whole lot of entries on either so I've added a few more prizes. Here's the total re-cap. Please Tweet, FBook, MSpace, Blog and text everyone you know. If you email me, or leave in comments you did any of this AGAIN, I'll give you three more entries per link. *wink wink*

PRIZES for random drawing: (not open to my overseas peeps *insert boos*)
-"We Hear the Dead" by Dianne Salerni (Signed) (Thanks Dianne!)
-"Writing Great Books for Young Adults" by Regina Brooks
-"Radiant Shadows" (paperback) by Melissa Marr (Thanks Valerie!)
-"If I Stay" (paperback) by Gayle Foreman
-"Beautiful" (hardback) by Amy Reed
-"Before I Fall" (hardback) by Lauren Oliver
-"Slash" (hardback) by Slash (thank you...hubs!)
-"Devilish" by Maureen Johnson
-2 Bookmarks Autographed by Maria V. Snyder and Julie Kagawa
-Handmade Soy candle (made by meeeee!) in the scent of Smore's Delight

Contest Number TWO: Print off my profile picture, (or photoshop me) in the most unique setting/doing something super cool/hanging with crazy awesome peeps! At this point, there will be FIVE winners for this, so get creative.

PRIZES for "Where in the world is Candyland" contest: (open to everyone!)
Choice of:
-Query Critique by Elana Johnson 
-Query Critique by LiLa Roecker  
-First Chapter Critique by Harmony May 
-$25 Amazon Gift Card
Honorable Mention gets $10 Amazon Gift Card:)

-To Enter The drawing, CLICK HERE and scroll to bottom of post
-All photos for Contest #2 can be emailed to me at candace ganger [at] yahoo [dot] com with the subject "CONTEST."
-All photos will be judged by a panel of experts (me, the hubs, three-year-old and cats).
-Deadline for both contests is Thursday, May 20th at noon (EST).
-You can enter both contests, but only one entry per contest, please. Don't fake it, or I'll disqualify your ass (not you, apparently, just your ass).
-ALL WINNERS will be posted on the hubs's bday, Friday, May 21st!
-Please follow the rules, post links in form, spread the word and eat your vegetables.
-Questions? Concerns? Post in comment box or email me!
-One more thing, if you want to win EVEN MORE free crap, check these gals out: 

Now...Onto a good Friday feel-up and an award. I was fortunate enough to receive something very fitting this week. It's the Happiness Award from my pretend hot momma Ashley. She's sewper kewl and just got engaged! Congrats to me on my new pretend step daddy! Anywho...the rules. I must list 10 things that make me happy, and right now, there's nothing I'd rather do.
-My beautiful family. My absolute best friend of nearly six years( the hubs), and my little princess have made me who I am. 
-My amazing blog buds. Seriously. I think I said it in the first paragraph. You ROCK.
-My incredible life BFFS. I don't see them enough, but they know how wacky I am (in person) and love me anyway.

-My pillow. It's silly. It's really silly. i take my pillow everywhere I stay. It's mine. Only mine.
-Being able to stay home with my princess. It takes some sacrifice financially, (also, enduring some people's opinion of what a SAHM actually does...grrr...), but worth every single micro-second.
-The ability to write. Sometimes. When I'm able. I can't write as often as I want, be it from time, offspring, or lack of mental creativeness. But I'm still grateful.
-The rest of my fam. Even though my bro's overseas, and everyone else is anywhere from a 20 minute to 2 hour drive, the times we do have together are few and far between.
-DVR. Holy crap without it, I'd never see Y&R...That's a world I don't want to be.
-My eyelash curler. I'm not vein in the least, but if you know me, you know if the house were burning down, this would be with me. If the eyes are the window to the soul, I want my curtains to flutter.
-Being alive. 
And I pass this beautiful award to:

Random Fact: In a sleepy stupor, I once put face wash on my tooth brush. Tasted salicylic acid in my mouth for days...The worst part? I didn't even notice until it was time to spit. The best part? No acne on my teeth :/

Random Fact: I'm a toast-a-holic. I could eat toast every meal, if it weren't weird and unhealthy. There have been days, where I've done that...but...*cough* I don't recommend it. 

Thanks for the quickie feel-up. Now onto Jen's something vs. something of the week. I've got to be honest, this post took me all freaking day(!!!), with a terrible headache and offspring wanting extra playtime. After yesterday's post I felt it necessary to soak in every moment I had with her, so, it left me no time to create my animated video. This is a weekly thing, so I'll return next week in the battle. In the meantime,these cool peeps will continue in my place. Chexemowwt.

Have a super weekend. And if you get the urge to tell your story, I'm an email away... 
Candyland. OUT.


The Alliterative Allomorph said...

Thanks for the award, Candy! Oh poo, I was so looking forward to your video!

Jaydee Morgan said...

Love the line about wanting your "curtains to flutter" *laughs*

I was looking forward to your video too but I can wait. Take some time to play - and get rid of that headache :)

Creepy Query Girl said...

Thanks for letting us 'feel you up'. Makes me feel like pimply teenage boy when I say that. No pimples on your teeth? I should try that....:)

Steena Holmes said...

awww thanks :)

You know what I love about this blogging world we're all in - we are all there for each other. In any other setting, any other life - I doubt I would have met you. Yet, here you are ... and I'm so happy to be getting to know you - a strong woman who has so much to share. Your writing will reflect that :)

Elana Johnson said...

Dude, I think we're twins in different skin, because toast should be part of every meal. Ha ha!

Talli Roland said...

What an awesome contest you're running! I've seen some great entries so far.

And oh yes. Toast. I have almosr a loaf of toast per day. I even ate some in the tub the other day!

Laura Marcella said...

Love your happy list! It's good to remind ourselves of everything blessed in our lives. :)

Your random fact about the facewash and toothbrush made my laugh out loud! One of my friends did that once. I had a birthday sleepover, and the next morning when she was brushing her teeth she started foaming at the mouth. When she spit she realized facewash had leaked all over her bag and that's how it got on her toothbrush. Nasty! So you're not alone in that accident, lol!

Have a great weekend and happy writing!

Matthew Rush said...

I don't have time to feel you up today as I'm slammed at work (hence the 2:17PM comment as opposed to somewhere near right after you posted), but I wanted to stop by quick as a pickle and say: you rule!

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Thanks for the beautiful award! My son is addicted to toast, too. he would eat a whole loaf for breakfast if I let him.

Have a great weekend! :-)

Tahereh said...

awww i loved this post. gratitude is actually up next on my things to blog about.


soulmate moment.


T.J. Carson said...

Ha, glad you don't have acne on your teeth, I can feel a pimple brewing on my molar (ha sike, but that was a funny random fact). Congrats on your award BTW! And the pillow thing is not silly. I would marry my pillow if I could ;) And congrats on Ashley's engagement! I can't wait till your contest drawing!!!

Carolyn V. said...

I have to make toast every morning for my cute little girl. It's her favorite meal! Congrats on the award. You totally deserve it!=)

Lydia Kang said...

Have a great weekend and congrats on your award. You deserve every one you get!

Sandy said...

Just wanted to stop by and tell you how much I love your blog.

Shannon said...

Toast *is* awesome. Now, how do you feel about English muffins?

The contests are awesome. Can't wait to see the results!

Have a great weekend!

Ashley A. said...

Candy, Candy, Candy. My baby girl, you ROCK.

Toast is a thing in my house. (Aside: my mom was born in the little town of Toast, NC.) Your hot new daddy is a chef, so there's really not much I can do to measure up. But I bought some bread at Trader Joe's – multigrain something or other. It comes in a purple bag and has all sorts of poppy seeds and shit in it. I made toast with it, melted sweet butter on top and sprinkled some kosher salt, et voilà! Who's the best cook in the house, now, honey?

We're going through 3 loaves of this bread each week. They better not stop making it!

Shoshana said...

I love contests because I'm always hopeful to win.

I've tweeted, facebook link, followed (although I don't think that was an option), and blogged.

I hope I win!

Nishant said...

Have a great weekend and congrats on your award.
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Katie said...

There was so much coolness in this post that I don't know what to comment on?! Great contests! I love toast too! AND my pillows! (also take them everywhere). That's all I can remember.

Shucks. Too much.

Hope you had a fab weekend!


Lisa and Laura said...

Contest looks amazing and congrats on the awards!

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