Monday, May 17, 2010

Why Chuck E Cheese is another form of hell & OMG. OSU. LOL.

Oh, my lovelies, you won't believe it (well, you might).

We attempted to have a family fun night at the old pizza (grease fest) and token (not the marijuana kind) joint, also known as Charles E. (stands for Everlasting fire) Dairy. Or, Chuck E. Cheese. If you've ever been, you know going in things are going to be rough. Not "okay my kid's throwing a fit, I can handle it" rough. I'm talking babies crying, ass-smack crowded, noise-induced vertigo, that table stole my sprinkle cheese, get the dude in the giant rat costume away from me before I hyperventilate, wow I spent all that and got four tickets kind of madness.  

It's not fun. It's not good food. It's hell. Pure effing hell. We left with heartburn, minus $30, four small plastic bugs (she "bought" with tickets) and a headache. But it's all about family fun, right? Right.........

Rewind 24 magical hours. The hubs, offspring and I went to THE wedding of the century this weekend. I'm not even kidding. If you're a football fan (I'm not), prepare to drool just a little (though, I'd rather drool over chocolate or an agent. but I digress). Wait for it...
Keep waiting...
That's right. The wedding was ON the Ohio State Field. 

Ummm, you don't have to be a football fan to appreciate how freakin' sweet this was. Insane, actually. Lilliana got to practice her future cheerleading skills (with some risque moves I hope don't lead to to pole dancing).And then she pouted during the actual ceremony because Mommy's so mean, making her sit quietly...
But Mommy ignored her plea and daydreamed of all the amazing CONTEST ENTRIES she's gotten for the "Where in the world is Candyland" picture contest. Seriously. They are unbelievable. And you still have a few days left to enter (by Thursday at noon EST).
And then all that thinking made me think maybe I could be a cheerleader, too. After a few waves of the pom-pom, I decided, ultimately, cheerleading was not my strong suit, and Lilliana agreed. 'Twas a lovely ceremony under deathly sun rays and growling belly, where we got a private stadium tour and saw our darling 3yo sing, and dance, to Single Ladies like she knew what she was preaching. *sigh*

It was great. And with all the lovey-dovey crap, the hubs wrote yours truly a note. For Mother's Day. Yeah, it's way late, but I don't care. His notes make my year, because they contain drawings like this:  

The dude has little tears. How can I *not* smile? And yes, the offspring has better handwriting, but still. I declare this "Happy BDay Hubs Week." Everyday this week, you'll get a little peek into the man behind the Land (Candy). Until tomorrow....

Have you ever though about what music you'd require if stranded on an island? Me either. I kind of have too much in my head already. Like Chuck-E-effing-Cheese. Buuuuutttt, The Alliterative Allomorph FORCED ME (xoxo) to do this Fantasy Island Top 15 album picks (because she's curious about my picks). Though, if you mosey over to hers, you'll notice she put a crap load of thought and time into the post. Because she's awesome. 

With that said, my lame ass added a twist (because my way takes less time). I don't always like entire albums, just songs (other than BERT). Soooo, here's my top 15 songs.

You can check out all the other (way better) entries at Tossing It Out.

*Sound Effects and Overdramatics by The Used. If my ms is ever a movie, this would be the theme song. It rocks. Hard.
Listen to this when you want to get PUMPED. Bert + musical suspense = *butterflies*
*Dream On by Aerosmith. Because it's timeless. I grew up on these guys and this is one of the first songs I learned on guitar. Plus, have you seen Joe Perry? Mmm.
Listen to this song for inspiration.
*Babe I'm Gonna Leave You by Led Zeppelin. Ohhh Jimmy Page. He gets me. Like on a really deep level. Totally.
Listen to this when you've been scorned.

*Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd. This.Song.Makes.Me.Sleepy.Or high.I.Can't.Tell. But I like it.
Listen to this when you want to zone the hell out.
*Let the Flames Begin by Paramore. My band covered this. It's my favorite because it's got an erie feel.
Listen to this for conviction. In the live version you can feel it.
*Only One byYellowcard. The hubs and I used to perform this at open mic together. He played his djembe drum and I played my acoustic and sang.
Listen to this and remember the good times with your honey.

*Break Stuff by Limp Bizkit. Because sometimes I wake up angry.
Listen to this when you're having a bad day and want to fight anything that gets in your way.
*Beautiful by Northmont. I walked down the aisle to it, and it still leaves me breathless.
Listen to this when you want to swoon.
*Poetic Tragedy by The Used. I posted before about this song and it's lesson.
Listen to this when you feel like giving up.

*Me, You & My Medication by Boys Like Girls. Because I really *get* these lyrics.
Listen to this if you know where I'm coming from.
*Race You to the Bottom by New Medicine. Because this songs kicks ass. Flithy, filthy mouthed rockstars.
Listen to this if, OMG, you wanna ROCK OUT (and cuss. a lot.)
*Different by Acceptance. I posted about this song, too. Melodically, it's gorgeous. It'll stick with you.
Listen to this if you feel like you don't belong.

*Cassie by Flyleaf. I have a thing for dark lyrics, songs, stories. Lacey sings about something so tragic in such a powerful, beautiful way, it cuts deep.
Listen to this and remember Columbine or any other horrific school tragedy
*Please Bleed by Ben Harper. My. God. This song, live, brings you to your knees. He's brilliant.
Listen to this and feel your heart completely break (in a good way)
*Her World by Auryn (Northmont). A heartbreaking story I sing in my sleep.
Listen to this if you feel balled-esque and bitter:)

Before I go, my lovelies, I'd like to plug the amazing authoress Dianne Salerni. If you're in the Haverford, PA area this Saturday, PLEASE go see her (with Adele Griffin and Lisa Brown) at Children's Book World. Buy her latest book, "We Hear the Dead" by clicking HERE. Go have it signed. You WON'T be sorry. For all her other dates and news on this cool, cool chick, visit her website:

How about you. What ONE song would be one your list and why?

Candyland. OUT.


P.P.S Heard of T.J. Carson's Famous Friday's? Check it out HERE.


JustineDell said...

Awe...even late, your hubs is sweet!

And your daughter is adorable.


The Alliterative Allomorph said...

LOL, why did you blank out your face???? LOLOL

Guess what? I only know about half of the bands you mentioned. Gonna have to do a little researchin' :)
And waddayamean I FORCED you? LOLOLOL You dag! (Australianism - don't look it up, it doesn't mean what it means literally) :) xx

salarsenッ said...

Aw...what an awesome post. And she was buuuteeeful on the field. Yup. Football fan. Jealous.

YOU tortured yourself with Mr. Cheese-Whiz himself?? You need therapy now. I DESPISE that place. What a stinkin' racket. Ugh.

I'll have to come back to read your 15. I wish I'd have known about it before this morning. I'd have done it, but now time presently.

I'll peek back later. Out.

Mary McDonald said...

Songs,'s hard to choose, but I love "Baseball" and "Waves" both by Sam Baker. He has a rough voice that reminds me of Bob Dylan, but it fits the lyrics. And the music. it.

I went to Chuck E.Cheese last week with my daughter. It was a school fundraiser, so we had the way overpriced, not very tasty pizza and drinks. One pizza, two soft drins and it was $30! Other than price though, I didn't mind. I brought a good book and I can read just about anywhere--and my daughter is nine, so I didn't need to follow her around.

Candyland said...

Justine- Thanks!

Jessica-You know I always black out my face on here! And when I say "forced" I mean very gently nudged ;)

Sheri-I thought you'd have heard about this and jumped on. Next time I'll be sure to let you know.

Mary-You got off easy!

The Alliterative Allomorph said...

I'm laughing because you still show your eyes :) Windows to your soul my darling ;)

Candyland said...

I know. I'm an oxymoron!

The Alliterative Allomorph said...


Shannon said...

I'm going to have to demand that we see your face when you get signed! (When, not if...)

I feel your pain about Chuck E. Cheese. While I don't have kids, I hated it as a child for many of the same reasons you hate it now. I can't imagine going back as an adult. Pure hell.

And to answer your one song question...probably Boogie Shoes by K.C. & The Sunshine Band. Goofy by makes me dance every time I hear it.

Jaydee Morgan said...

Never been to a Chucky Cheese (and by your post, I don't think I've missed anything).

I'm much more mellow in my music choices these days but I'm still a huge Beatles fan so if I was ever to pick ONE song, it would be Hey Jude. I love it!

Tara said...

I love a lot of those songs :)

LR said...

I second the Aerosmith and Led Zeppy songs. Timeless...

Jen said...

I can't believe you blacked your face out! You are so silly!!!

Wow I can appreciate where the wedding was held, how fun!!! Your little one is super cute!

Yay for contests, yours was so much fun to do! I can't wait to see all the creative folks!!

Lydia Kang said...

I prophylactically take Advil before any Chuck E CHeese party. That place drives me nuts.

Great list! I wholeheartedly agree with Comfortably Numb!

Carolyn V. said...

AWWW! Your hubs is so sweet!

I avoid Chuck E. Cheese. That mouse frightens me.

The one song I'd have to have is Resistance by Muse. Because I love the Muse. =)

arlee bird said...

I know 3 or 4 of these songs, but the rest of the groups don't sound familiar to me.

Tossing It Out

B. Miller said...

Nice list! Thanks for posting in the blogfest...

Checked out your contests and they look like a lot of fun! I'm hosting a contest too, if you get by my blog you should check it out! :D

Matthew Rush said...

Wow wedding on the field at the horseshoe at Ohio State? Even if you hate the Buckeyes that's pretty awesome.

Nice list too!

Incidentally I used to be a Union Stagehand in Seattle and I got to operate the spotlight at a Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals show once. It was freaking awesome. They covered Burnin and Looting by Bob Marley and the Wailers.

Tahereh said...

lol!! you are so freaking funny. and adorable. loved this post :D

Kasie West said...

Wow, that sounds like an awesome place for a wedding. Your daughter is adorable.

Creepy Query Girl said...

I haven't been to chuck E cheese in ages. Actually last time I went I think I was one of those crazy sugar induced kids throwing herself into plastic plush cushions. So I must have been, what? 18?
That wedding sounds AMAZING! Awesome pics!

Linda G. said...

Our local Chuck E. Cheese serves beer. Nothing like a tall frosty one to make a birthday party full of screaming pre-adolescents go down a bit more easily. ;)

Dawn said...

Couldn't help but laugh at the blacked-out face. In addition to the headless profile pic, it further adds to the mystery behind the "real" Candy :-)

I'm so glad my husband did not read your blog before we married, thus even contemplating that such a thing as a football-field wedding could actually become reality!

Riv Re said...

Ooh. I love BLG's Me, You and My Medication! Great song. I'm obsessed with the band. I have a ton of their songs memorized. (Not saying much; I memorize lyrics pretty easily)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Selecting just the songs - sneaky!!

Dianne K. Salerni said...

*hugs!* xxoo

Lindsay (a.k.a Isabella) said...

Hmm, some cool songs I'm not familiar with that I need to check out.:)

T.J. Carson said...

Ha love how you call the little one The Offspring lol. Cracked me up! And I have an album of The Used. And my fav songs on it are "Yesterday's feelings" and "Cut up Angels" pretty good album overall. But the overdramatics song is pretty BEAST too! Thanks for the shout out BTW!

middle child said...

Just play me one continuous loop of Three Dog Night.

Angela M. said...

I confess I take the kids to CEC, but we NEVER eat what they call food there. Bleh! Nastiness...

Great pics on here! Super cute!!

Couldn't have picked albums either. Also can't pick one song, soooooo:
Cowboy Junkies-"Sweet Jane"
Crash Kings-"Mountain Man"
Band of Skulls-"Light of the Morning"
Ida Maria-"Oh My God"
Michael Andrews-"Mad World"
The Vines-"Outtathaway!"
Smile Empty Soul-"Holes"
Puscifier-"The Undertaker"
Hellogoodbye-"Here In Your Arms"
The Fray-"You Found Me"
Arctic Monkeys-"Space Invaders"
The Used-"The Bird and The Worm"
Boys Like Girls-"Thunder"(Acoustic)

Wow. Don't know how anyone could narrow a list down to 15. It's too hard. Plus your picks would be different a week from now, right???

Talli Roland said...

There's so much going on in this post I don't even know where to start! :) First off, I have never been to Chuck E Cheez or whatever the heck it is, and I don't thinkl I ever want to!

Secondly, love that pic your hubby drew!

And third... Pink Floyd rocks!

Stephen T. McCarthy said...

"Comfortably Numb"

Well, it sure beats the hell out of "Uncomfortably Aware", which I was for the first 20 years of my life. Dr. Jack Daniels made me all bettah!

~ "Lonesome Dogg" McD-Fens