Friday, June 18, 2010

Feel me up Friday Awards: Blow Pops and Toe Nails

I don't know where my mind's been, but once again, Friday came from nowhere. I didn't even read...wait for it...wait...BLOGS yesterday. *Gasp* Maybe it's because I've been so focused on finding answers, I've yet to breathe. So, hold on a sec while I inhale.



Okay, thanks. I feel better now. Because of recent happenings that have left Candyland somewhat burned the eff out, I'm leaving this Friday feel up to a dear friend of mine, also known as the hubs. Be gentle with him, he likes to take things slow, and long walks on the beach. Buy him dinner first, or at least say you "thought" of buying him dinner so he doesn't feel violated. Without further adieu, Friday's facts presented by...Erik G.

Random Fact:  Some people have you from hello, Candyland had me at blow pop, tongue ring, mini skirt and trucker hat.  She was quite the minx or my Funcie Fox or my Muncie Maven as she would be so lovingly known.

Random Fact:  Candyland once ripped her entire big toe nail off on the bottom of a bathroom door at the Olive Garden.  It's proof that flip flops are not a good footwear choice regardless of how hot it is because you never know when a pesky door will be lurking around the corner.

OMG. That was fantastic! Have you been taking lessons? I think the hubs can tell! Mommy Daddy like. In honor of F Day this weekend, the winners of my Imma do Candyland Better than Candyland Contest! I had to divvy up prizes because a few of the entrants are overseas (therefor only eligible for the critique), so that's why it looks crazy. The plus? One extra winner. Aside from blog posts, the other winners were chosen at random. Feeling lucky?

Winner #1 of Query Critique
Creepy Query Girl who entered with:
An insane reenactment of Candyland. You won't know the dif. To be posted Monday.

Winner #2 of Query Critique and Lauren Oliver's "Before I Fall"
Anne Kenny who entered with:
Her secret paint skillzz! Who knew?! To be posted Tuesday.

Winner #3 of Query Critique
Stina Lindenblatt  who entered with:
"My favorite post was If Taylor Lautner were my pool boy. Need you ask why? Well I'm off to stare, I mean read the post again."

Winner #4 of Life As We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer and matching bookmark
Kelly Polark who entered with:
"My favorite future blog post is the one when you post a vlog of your band singing "Last Resort!"

Honorable Mention: Winner of secret surprise *evil laugh*
Lenny Lee who entered with:

"i was gonna enter your contest but didnt know what post i could like best til i read what you just said today.  now im entering cause its my most favorite even if its soooo really sad. i like all that fun stuff you say cause it gets me laughing  but this one i like best cause in it you  just let every one see the for real you the  inside of you. this one got way inside my heart  and got me feeling more close to you and knowing you more. its  real hard to share out stuff that hurts in our heart but you did it and said it in words that made me feel like i could be right there sittin with you and wantin to hold your hand or give you a really big hug. i know bout that cause of stuff that got me hurting in my heart real bad and it was hard to say it but saying it got me feeling lots better. i like how you could  share it and could know all your blogger friends are real good to hold you up when you hurt.  so for me this is my most favorite post."

Thank you to all who entered. And a huge double triple quadruple thank you to my crush, Elana Johnson for donating her time to critique these queries. *Loves you forever*
Winners of queries: I'll email you with instructions this weekend!
Winners of of books or surprises: Email me your address (candace ganger at yahoo dot com)

Come back Monday for Creepy Query Girl's contest winning post! And thanks to the hubs for today's feel up. Have a fantasmic weekend.

Oh, but first, any of you have a nickname penned by a lover/friend or significant other? Tellmetellme.

Candyland. Out.


Linda G. said...

Congrats to all the winners! And thank you to Erik G. for filling in so admirably. (Though I could've done without the toenail story--yee-owch!)

Creepy Query Girl said...

* Creepy runs around screaming* I WON! I WOooooWOOOOOOOOON!!! Woot woot woot woot.*Grooves her thang* To the left. to the left. To the right. to the right. Now dip baby dip. Dip baby dip. *Inhales, exhales* Ok. Sorry. Just had to get that out of my system. Awesome contest! Your hubs did a great job filling in for you even thought the toenail thing grossed me out. I have a thing about feet. Anywhoo, your contests rock and THANKS!! I'm so stoked!

Matthew Rush said...

Congrats to all winners! I haven't had much time for reading and commenting this week either - barely had time to throw up short posts of my own - so it's understandable and you are forgiven, for now.

Awesome about you and your husband, sounds like a wonderful meeting.

Today's guest blogger is Faith Hough.

Jen said...

Even after you reminded me I still forgot to entire, oh Candyland forgive me! Sounds like you got some awesome winners on your hands!

Love your titles, love that Candyland had you at blow pop, always keeping it fun and fresh over here... wait... except for the toe nail thing, once I saw ripped off I was out, can't read the rest... make me gag... yuck...

ripped off, toe nail, olive garden, that's all. Ha-ha

Happy Friday!

Jaydee Morgan said...

Your hubby did a great job! No nicknames here but I'm terrified now because of your toenail happening. I love my flipflops - and although I'm not a huge toenail fan, I'd like to keep mine.

Congrats to your winners and congrats to you for holding a great contest. Have a good weekend!

The Alliterative Allomorph said...

Congrats to the winners! Hubs did a fine job there. Nice going!

Hmm, nick name. I got plenty from the past ... Wanna hear 'em all? Ok, they're a bit embarrassing, but here goes ...

Ca ca (my baby brother (half-brother) couldn't pronounce my name properly so just said the last bit - twice)

bisexual nazi girl (I was dating a girl in high school and I had a shaved head)

B1 and B2 (well they were directed at my breasts, not me)

juicy (instead of Jessy, my mum's idea of cute, without realising the sexual connotation)

Idi (this is my current name, from my partner, short for idiot - HA!)

Dawn said...

Yay for all the winners! And good job by your husband. I wonder what my hubby would have written...*shudders*

My Mom called me Alice when I was a kid - her little dreamer. Sometimes, when she's feeling sentimental, she still calls me that.

Solvang Sherrie said...

Your hubby is a sweetie :)
My hubby calls me Goose which I still haven't warmed up to after twenty years together...

Renae said...

Congrats to the winners! What a great contest. Elana is fabulous!
You hubs did a great job...loved it!
No nicknames here unless you count my daughter calling me Nae when she really wants to get my attention.

Tahereh said...

woo hoo! congrats to all he winners!! :D

and HUBS did a great job filling in!


Jo Schaffer said...

Yay to the weiners. (;



I have a ton. But probably the funniest was one a Scottish guy I was always making out with in college gave me-- "Evil Seductress". Hm. Even his roomies called me that. Blush. That's right. Rarrr.

Janet Johnson said...

Congrats to all the winners!

My husband calls me "Beautiful." *blush* I love it.

JustineDell said...

Youch! For the toenail. Tell me, do you think that hurts as bad as form rejection to a full?

Congrats to the winners! I <3 Lenny!


salarsenッ said...

Great job, Candyland peepers!! Congrats to all!!

Lenny said...

hi miss candace! wowee i got a honor mantion and a secret surpirise! thanks bunches!im sooooo excited! sorry bout your toe. yikes i bet that was a big long loud ooooooweeeee. mr erik is cool! ask him if he could want to go eat with me at mcdonals. its a special invite for him. :) oh and happy dads day for him too.
...biggy hugs from lenny

Dianne K. Salerni said...

Congrats to all the winners and kudos to the hubs. I wonder if I can get mine to make a guest post?!?

Maybe not. I'd be afraid of what he would write ...

Kelly Breakey said...

I have been remiss in my blog reading this week too! On an aside, I think Eric G. should sub more often. I like that he dishes the dirt on you.

Kelly said...

Hope your hubs is having a great Father's DAy!

AND THANK YOU!!! Excited to be a winnah!

Kelly said...

Hope your hubs is having a great Father's DAy!

AND THANK YOU!!! Excited to be a winnah!

Elana Johnson said...

Congrats to all the winners! I swear I'm going to get to all this really, really fast. :)

*hugs* Candyland!!

Anne said...

Yay Thank you!!

prashant said...

have a thing about feet. Anywhoo, your contests rock and THANKS!! I'm so stoked!
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