Friday, June 11, 2010

Feel me up Friday Awards: Morning wipe & Underwear OCD

You may not know this, but aside from my asinine, snarky and sometimes dirty mouthed comments and stories, I'm actually quite religious. It's not something I say to new friends like "Hi, I'm Candyland. Jesus loves you." And I'm only telling you now, to share the offspring's rendition of our night time prayer.

Morning Wipe
By Lilliana
"Now I way me, down to sweep,
I pray the door, my so to keep,
And angels wash me through the night,
Until I wake in morning wipe. Amen."

And then she says: 
"Thank you Goooooddddd (in true shout out fashion). Thank you for Mommy, Daddy and Lilli. Thank you for the lights. Thank you for my blood. Thank you for my carpet. Thank you for wuv."

It made me realize how perfectly perfect children are. They're so grateful for the littlest of things, like blood. I mean, when was the last time you were grateful for your blood? And wuv. Wuv makes the world go round. And respect. Like yesterday's post. If we don't respect one another, then we'll never fully evolve as people. And dudes, we're all people who want a little respect, consideration and regard.

Random Fact: The movie Up gets me every freaking time. In the beginning sequence, a montage of Mr. Fredrickson's life with his wife, Ellie, it shows love, loss, acceptance, and everything in between in a matter of minutes. It breaks my heart down the middle, and I feel the pain of these animated peoples. Am I a d-bag? Probably.

Random Fact: I admitted to dropping my glasses in a strip club's toilet. The irony of this is that I change my unders (you know...) at least three times a day. I need to feel fresh all the time, yet I still have toilet glasses.

Whoa. I wasn't ready to be felt up. Friday came quick (no pun intended) but you're always so soft. Thanks for that. Another reason I respect you. You never make me do anything I don't want to. Except that time in the back of your Gremelin after Adam Chin's party in '99. But we'll just blame it on the booze.

To my new browsers, followers friends, don't be alarmed by the Friday feel-up. If you relax, you might enjoy yourself. I want to thank you for stopping by. Whether you're a loyal reader, a newb, or just passing through. Your eyes mean the universe to me. Without you (dare I say it) I'm nothing. I'm just wuv and blood.

So come back Monday. Please. Pretty please. I promise not to be so needy. And I swearz I have awards to pass out, but I prefer to let them accumulate (because I forgot it was Friday until now).

Sooooo, what are you grateful for RIGHT now?

Heidi Montag?
Food-flavored beverages?
Rejection letters?<---In a way, I am.

Candyland. OUT.

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Linda G. said...

That is the most freakin' adorable prayer ever! I wuv it. :)

And UP gets me too. Every. Single. Time. I bawl like a baby for the first ten minutes.

salarsenッ said...

*hugs & winky* on the night prayers. And yes, wuv does make the world go round.

Jaydee Morgan said...

Kids are so darn cute and we really can learn a lot from them :)

I'm grateful for my blood too but the carpet - not so much ;)

Kristi Helvig said...

That prayer is adorable!

My 6-year-old thinks it's hilarious that I cry at the beginning of UP every time we watch it.

I'm grateful to be hanging out with the kiddos all day today!

Anne said...

We same the same prayer (slightly altered) Instead of "angels" we jump right into--guard me Jesus through the night. Anything was better than--if i die before I wake.

The other day I finally yanked my 6yo top tooth out after weeks of discord. Afterward we heard her thanking God in her room. She was so happy that it was out. Adorable.

Carolyn V. said...

AW! I love her prayer. So cute.

I'm grateful for shoes. I love them and they help me not step on sharp things in my yard. =)

The Alliterative Allomorph said...

Lilliana is SOOOOOO ADORWABLE! How cute. Why do you think people would be alarmed? In all your honesty and graciousness on Fridays, you're also entertaining. Of course we're coming back on Monday! ;o)

Um, I'm grateful for people like you who drop by my blog even though I don't drop by theirs. Like yesterday. Was so freaking busy :( SORRY! xoxo

Tahereh said...

that is SO flippin cute. your daughter is a little angel :D

hehe thanks for sharing, and I LOVE UP, TOO!!


Lenny said...

hi miss candace! i loved the prayer. i could just hear it in my head and got a smile from it. right now im real thankful for my brothers who take care of all us kids cause of mom and dad being gone. and i still get an allowance! yippee ...hugs from lenny

Creepy Query Girl said...

I don't know what I'd do without my 'morning wipe'. (and apparently neither do you! 3 times a day? LOL) Too frickin cute!

Matthew Rush said...

I love Up and that montage is a lot like your post today: sad, glorious, pious, adorable and disgusting all in a succinctly entertaining package.

Okay, the movie wasn't gross and your post isn't really either but is Jesus really okay with you going to strip clubs and getting ripped?

Lydia Kang said...

I love that prayer, that is hilarious!
I'm potty training my toddler right now, so very timely!

I'm thankful for so much, the list goes on and on. Number one would be my family and number two would be my health.

Jo Schaffer said...

Sweet. My youngest is hearing impaired and has a repaired soft his prayers are almost unintelligable.
"I luh Yeeyas. Tangoo po mama, dada an gungegog. (spongebob)"
It's a foreign language we call Jackanese. Good thing Jesus in fluent in all languages. (;

Meredith said...

I love that prayer! And ok, that's it, I really need to see UP. That'll be my project for this weekend :)

Kelly Breakey said...

I am always grateful for my hubs, but with this reminder I gave him a call and told him. I am pretty sure I am getting lucky tonight. (Not that, get you head out of the gutter) He will probably make dinner now. He cooks a mean steak on the grill, so thanks for reminding me to acknowledge my appreciation out loud. Everyone likes to hear every now a again.


Elana Johnson said...

What a great post! I'm so grateful for TIME. Sometimes it feels like I don't have enough and sometimes it feels like I have too much. So I've decided to just be grateful I have any at all, slow or fast.

Kasie West said...

You're daughter, as always, is adorable. I'm grateful for summer and food. And friends.

Talli Roland said...

Lilliana is so sweet! Blood! :)

I'm grateful for good music, wine, and the lovely comfy leather sofa I'm sprawled on right now!

Dianne K. Salerni said...

That's the cutest prayer ever!!

Right now, I am grateful that I survived another week of school (although not so grateful that I have another one to go), and that I didn't have to flip my lid and ream out any of my classes today (although I did yesterday).

middle child said...

Grateful for you.

Kelly said...

What a darling prayer! Sweet little girl.
I am grateful my daughter's birthday party was a success and I cna now veg for the first time all week.

Solvang Sherrie said...

Cute prayer :)

I'm thankful for living where I do, being with my family and enjoying what I do for a living. Oh, and for my blood :)

Vicki Rocho said...

I'm grateful for you sharing your daughter's precious prayer. How flipping cute was that? Did you just give her a bear hug & kiss or what?

Shannon O'Donnell said...

So cute!! My oldest used to say:

Lie me lay me down to sleep
I pray da Lord, my soul to teep
Dide me safewy frough da night
wake me wif da morning light

Have a great weekend! :-)

The Urban Cowboy said...

If we could always see the world through kid eyes, it be a much better place.

Lynn said...

Glasses in strip club toilet? LOL. Very vute poem!
I'm grateful for my coffee cup right now, and time to read and comment HERE, now.

Shannon said...

I want to babysit Lili for a weekend! :) She's too cute.

I'm grateful that Michael and I can spend our hot Friday night dates going to bed at 10pm because we're both exhausted.

And I'm grateful for your honesty and friendship. <3

Tammy said...

Just found your crazy fun blog. I LOVE it! Have a great weekend!

Tawna Fenske said...

Love the prayer, and the reminder to be grateful for wuv and blood. Hey, that sounds like a good book title. You write it. Ready? Go!