Thursday, January 27, 2011

Special Edition Feel Me Up: Not your mother's post

Dudes! A special treat today (unless you hate this; in which case prepare for your own personal hell). Candyland has super-magnifi-tastic plans to see NEWFREAKINGMEDICINE tomorrow, so Imma let you Feel Me Up a day early, if ya don't mind. No need to wash, I've got some answers that don't care what's on your hands.

Amy asks: What's your favorite Candy? and What's your favorite Land (Country)?
Hrm..TWIX because they feel like drum sticks (???) and, um, the land of where I'm from (see sidebar)

Sarah Ahiers asks: What would you eat for your last meal?
The Melting Pot's four course fondue FEAST. My faaavvoorriitteee evvva.

Elana J asks: Do you dye your hair?
Not only do I color it, but I color it like every 2-3 weeks. I'm OCD, remember, and once the color starts to fade, I do it over. I want vibrance, people!

Melissa Gill asks: Where'd you get the a-hole cat? And was it your idea?
Oh crap. Well I had his trampy mother first, who birthed a litter when I graduated high school. I "adopted" (was stuck with) what was left of them after finding homes. He, and his sister, are two of them. Boy am I lucky.

Kelly asks: I probably should have asked you when I met you in blogville, but do you prefer being called Candy or Candace? Or Candyland?
Whatever you choose, I will answer to, as long as there's a CAND in there somewhere.

Kindros asks: If you had to choose one color you could never see again, which color would it be? Would you rather always have to say everything on your mind or never speak again? And why is the rum gone?
I would choose orange. It's a frumpy color. And I would rather never speak again. That's what the computer is for. And if you want to know where the rum is, ask your mother. We had a wild night.

Nicole Zoltack asks: What's your favorite movie?
My favorite of all time is Dazed and Confused, but Superbad is right up there.

Bryan Russell asks: Who was the last person to actually scratch your chin?
Me, as far as I know.

Lydia K asks: What's your favorite guilty-pleasure pop song?
Oh snap. I love all the traditional "don't tell anyone you love this" crap. Currently, with a 4yo, I have to say anything by Demi Lovato, The JoBros, Selena Gomez or really anyone I should NEVER listen to.

Janet Jonson asks: What kind of toothpaste do you use?
Crest VIVID WHITE. I want to blind you with my smile. Seriously. I'm a whitening freak.

Shannon McMahon asks: What were you like in high school?
Oh, man. I was, well, pretty much as you read me on here except WEIRDER (yes, it's possible). I used to dress up like Mary Katherine Gallegher, listened to Snoop Dogg, and danced. A lot. I had friends but wasn't "the popular one," I laughed a lot, loved more than I should have and didn't pay as much attention in school as I wish I had.

Myne Whitman asks: What is your writing process?
Procrastinate. Open the computer. Check email. Check MyBook, Blitter, etc. Open Word doc. Check email. Turn TV to a different show. Hum a tune stuck in my head. Start the washer. Forget what I was doing. Make dinner. See the computer and remember I was supposed to write. Feel sleepy. Decide to do it the next day. Repeat process until too much time has elapsed and I kick my own ass into gear just to be able to check it off the list of things.

(Side note: I WISH I had more quiet time to actually, you know, get in the zone. But my short attention span doesn't allow for me....) (Sorry I got bored with my own sentence).

Sharon K. Mayhew asks: What is your favorite kind of lettuce?
Iceburg, thank you for asking. No one EVER asks me what kind of lettuce I like and I've been dying to answer. I'm so relieved now.

Joanna St. James asks: Do you like lady gaga? Remember the revisions you had to do? Did you finish em and send it out? What's the status on that?
Um, no, I do not like her.
Yes, I remember those revisions. They were MY personal hell.
Yes, I did finish them.
Yes I did send them out...(see About Candyland; sidebar)

Until next time, friends, what were YOU like in high school? Are you different now?
Candylandlovesyou. OUT.


Chris Phillips said...

I was a complete fox in high school, so basically the same as now.

Jessica Bell said...

YOU HAVE AN AGENT????????????????????????????? WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Matthew Rush said...

Feeling you up a day early makes me feel violated.

In High School I was a D&D nerd, well, in 9th grade at least. In 10th I was a hippy, at boarding school in Tennessee. After I got expelled from there I was a criminal and an outcast, but the ladies loved me. So yeah, basically same as now, but less jaded.

Jen Daiker said...

Thank God Paula was decided before this post ;)

I just saw Jess's comment and was searching all over the post to find what I had missed... turns out you were a sneaky little buggar and hid it in your about me profile!


Well deserved my fabulous hungry hippo fan ;)

Riv Re said...

I shall now proceed to forever call you Candle. It's your own fault, you know.

Shannon O'Donnell said...

"I'm currently an author of all things YA, repped by the genius Liz Jote of Objective Entertainment"

Did you announce this? Did I miss it? When did this happen? O-M-G!!!!!! Spill it, girl! :-)

Nicole Zoltack said...

What, you have an agent? Since when? Details, girl!

Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

ooooh Melting Pot. Great choice.
Also, what's up with this:

"repped by the genius Liz Jote of Objective Entertainment"

Inquiring minds need to know. NEED. TO. KNOW.

Kelly said...

I was wondering why I had to look at the sidebar a few times which of course I STILL missed the big news until I saw Jessica's comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU! And have so much fun at New Meds. I am sooooo sad I am misssing them with Avenged. I love them both!! Plus Stone Sour too! Man! Celebrate!!! I think Brady will give you an extra squeeze for your big news!

Misha said...

In school...

I was the smarter-than-thou (because I was/am)-sociopathic-and-not-making-a-secret-of-it-psycho-bitch...

But it wasn't my fault that I was surrounded by idiots. Really!

As you can see, I've mellowed considerably. :-P

Tara said...

Melting Pot...yummmm.

Congrats on your agent!!!

Colene Murphy said...

Great stuff! I really want to try that fondue now! Nom...Have fun tomorrow! (like it needs to be said)

Erin Kane Spock said...

I focused on being quirky so I was uncool but on purpose instead just being inherently uncool. If I had just owned who I was a little bit more, high school would have been a much more positive experience.

Janet Johnson said...

You are a stinker! Congratulations times a thousand!!! I'm so happy for you. :D

Lenny Lee* said...

WOWEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! YIPPEEEE!!!!!!!

lots of love and BIG HUGS from your most biggest numero uno fan lenny

ps i didnt get at high school yet but when i do for sure im gonna be cool just like you. for realz! :)

Theresa Milstein said...

"I want vibrance, people!" Ha! Because you're worth it.

In high school I was sort of goth. But I'm so old it was punk and we listened to alternative. The term alternative just replaced punk. And we were just three years away from grunge. I spent most of my time in the art department.

Suzie F. said...

Just wanted to delurk to say congratulations on finding an agent! Awesome!

LTM said...

So I see things worked out w/the disappearing agent. You sneak~

Very glad to hear it! :o) <3

Tahereh said...



Anne said...

Congrats! I'm throwing confetti I just whipped up. Lots of it!!!!!!

Next time you get MEGA news, I expect and email.

LOVE YOU! xoxo

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Now I want to know your faorite onion. And potato! Won't ask about tomato - that's personal.

Deborah said...

Hey there~ I look the same as high school (just older HEHHEHE), everyone recognizes me and I recognize no one! I'm lucky in the respect! Some of my HS friends have changed so much it's kindof scary to think of and I have to think, did I change that much too...I don't think so. I think I was funnier in HS too. To much pressure now :(
I use vivid crest toothpaste too LOL best toothpaste ever~

Melissa Gill said...

I see you thought you could slip your news about the agent in without anyone noticing! I'm seeing a pattern here.

Major Congratulations girl. Also thanks for the info about the a-hole cat. I assume he's had the Bob Barker treatment.

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

I love all these fun Candyland facts...I think you should be made into a board game. (wink)

Congratulations on the awesome news...SSSSOOOOOO Excited for you! (((HUGS)))

Laura Pauling said...

Never mind about the post! - congrats on signing with an agent! woo hoo!

aspiring_x said...

I am SO HAPPY for you! Whoo HOO!!!

((in high school i was invisible. you know the girl you can't remember- that was me... oh wait! you don't remember her! :P ))

YA- HOOO!!!!! :D :D :D

Lisa said...

Melting Pot... drool...

I just had some of my characters go there for dinner because I love it so much.

Kelly Breakey said...

Totally Jealous...that's all.