Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bald spots and trucker hats are the new Prada & Prejudice

I wanted to post about this sooner, but you know...(insert something clever). It's big. Gigantic. GinOURMOUS. Brace yourselves or sit down. Or stand if that's what you like. Or sit. Whatev. The day was like any other.
Except, my darling daughter found the scissors.
The suspect, found guilty of cutting, left all the evidence I needed. With a pair of latex gloves and CSI's Horatio (I keep him in my pocket for times like these), I photographed, bagged and tagged the strands of hair.
With the suspect in custody, my team documented the damage and found trace elements of metal that had touched her.
The sentence? A few laughs and a temporary bald spot. So, yeah. The moral of this story is...is...uhhh....don't let your child use scissors. Unless you need something to blog about. No, that's not right...

Needless to say, other than the blog, a few short stories and contests (that actually sounds like a lot), Candyland hasn't had a whole lot of writing time in between impromptu haircuts and breathing. Not that I have any agented deadlines or anything *sigh*(<----Come on come on come on come on come on)

What I DO have is a contestes. Stroke Strike that. TWO contestes. They end THIS Thursday at noon. Enter the drawing. Enter the photo contest. Enter them both. Tell your friends. Give me candy. Wait... For the photo contest, I'll be adding extra surprises when I announce winners. They're that awesome. I want to see more. Gimme gimme gimme.
In the spirit of the second day of hubs's big birthday week (yeah!), I thought I'd give y'all a little relationship re-cap. Our love story, condensed.

Met at open mic through mutuals. Forgot about him. Re-met him four days later at mutuals rock show. He was cute. He emailed me. I emailed him. Emails ensued.
Fast forward. We move in together. He makes me laugh so hard I trickle. We put up Christmas lights in the bedroom. We play open mic together. I like to watch him drum. Soon after, offspring is discovered.
We have a baby. We do things backwards. My wedding dress was black. We play in a band together. He tells me he loves me 800 times a day. I kind of like him too. And here we are now.
 An american love story. Or barf fest. Whatev. I wonder what Bert will tell his childen about the love of his life (me, sillies).

In re: to B.Miller's Pay It Forward Contest (go ENTER), today, I'm going to do some good. Maybe I'll bathe (for the hubs), maybe I'll play the chase game an extra minute or so (for the offspring), maybe I'll hold the door open for someone who's pushing past or tell offspring's dance teacher how freakin' adorable she is (maybe that's creepy). 

OR, maybe I'll donate $ I don't have. Or take old crap to the Salvation Army. Or wake up early so the hubs can sleep in (hahahahaha). Or walk the asshole neighbor's asshole dog. Or congratulate Tiny Tank for completely rocking her tiny tank. Or something. I'm sure it'll come to me. The point is, pay it forward, no matter how big or small. Every good deed makes a difference in the eyes of the beholder. 

Have you experienced a good deed or received one? Tellmetellmetellme.

Candyland. OUT.


Dawn said...

This post is amazing. I love your American Love Story - wish mine boiled down to something so non-traditional and fun :-)

BTW, your contests are awesome.

Shannon said...

Morning Candy. :)

I love the scissors pic. It wasn't too bad. I have some pretty damning pictures of a cat that met my sciccors at a young age.

Love the story of how you and the hubs met - if only you didn't mock me with the face black out. *sigh*

Here's hoping you get more contest entries!


The Alliterative Allomorph said...

Awww. How funny about the hair. I did that when I was a kid too.

Great story. Black wedding dress? Wow! I want to see pics! have you got pics?

Good deed. I try to do good stuff every day. I 'try', doesn't always happen, but more often than not it does. Good stuff in return? I've never had trouble getting work. It seems to just fall in my lap exactly when I need it *knock on wood I haven't just reversed this spell someone graced me with*. :)

Shannon O'Donnell said...

My daughter took the scissors to her hair once - it was not my favorite moment! :-)

B. Miller said...

What a great love story! I love how unconventional it is - yay for black wedding dresses and playing in bands together! Looks like y'all were meant to be. :)

And THANKS for the contest plug, my friend!!

Tawna Fenske said...

LOL, my 3-year-old niece recently gave herself a lovely mullet exactly the same way.

As for good deeds, I was having a lousy day yesterday and was overwhelmed by how many Twitter pals answered my call for pick-me-up tweets.

Can't wait to see the results of your contest!


Carolyn V. said...

Oh my gosh! I love your love story. You guys are so cute...Rockin' (I meant to say rockin' not cute). =)

Sorry to hear about the scissors incident. It's happened here at our home too. Stupid scissors and haircuts.

Tahereh said...


the BABY! omg YOUR BABY i want to EAT HER.

also i LOVESSS love stories!! you guys are so freaking cuteeeeeee


Angela M. said...

Whew! At least your babe didn't cut too much of a chunk out. I've had this happen with my kids a few times. The weird thing: it was the same daughter self-barbering each time. What the heck does this mean??? (We're good parents; I swear!)

Anyway, my good deed each day is plastering happiness on my face despite my baditude lately. Ya know, just to brighten my shipmates' days through the next few rough months.

PS-Can I have yer hubby? LOL, JK. So glad to see people having good, loving relationships.