Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Goodbyes are awkward when I hug too long. Consider this a long hug.

With everything Write On Con happening this week, Candyland is doing the unthinkable, the unheard of, the sinful. Yes, I'm going to give it a rest until Friday's Feel-up, once the dust has settled all over the web. You know, when your minds have turned to mush from all the awesome and you want something a little less thinky to soothe ya. Well, you know I'll be here for you.

Until Friday, re-live some of my moments, for better or worse...

When you want to give up, read THIS
If you want a brain teaser, read THIS
If you want to make bloggy friends, read THIS
If you want to get to know Elana or LiLa, read THIS and THIS

If you want brutal honesty (and a Feel-Up!) at it's best, read THIS
If you want to read about my love of all things Bert, read THIS and THIS 
If you want to know how much I *heart* you all, read THIS and THIS
If you want to cry, read THIS  and THIS

If you want to laugh (or be slightly disturbed) read THIS
If you want to know more about Candyland's neverending journey, read THIS and THIS
If you want to change the world (and fall in love) read THIS and THIS and THIS

And finally, if you want to be inspired by an incredible, ten-year-old sweetheart, read THIS

I hope this keeps you busy until Friday, friends. Until then, is there anything you WISH I would blog about? 
Candyland. OUT.


Robyn Lucas said...

Say it ain't so ;)

I know what you mean. I had a difficult time getting anything done yesterday.

Enjoy the conference (I know I am).

Kelly Breakey said...

We will miss you.

Come back soon!

Unknown said...

You're awesome Candyland... I'll miss you stalking me for a few days, but I think that I can always stop by and check out these very special links!

Jaydee Morgan said...

Think of it as time away well worth it. Get everything you can out of WriteonCon!

Unknown said...

This should keep me busy for a while :) I'm trying to sneak in as much writeoncon as possible too!

Shannon said...

Enjoy your mini break! =)

Jackee said...

I think we're all holding off too because Write on Con has been just that GOOD!

:o) See you soon!

Matthew MacNish said...

Okay fair enough Bethany but now I need to know how to stalk you in the forums. Are you posting under TIM?

All kidding aside I would like to see your posts. Are you putting anything up? I haven't done much but crit others stuff. What's your name on the boards? Email me please.

Linda G. said...

Enjoy a well-deserved break. :)

Carolyn V. said...

I'm off to writeoncon too. I hope I'll see ya there. =)

Talli Roland said...

We'll miss you and your Candyland ways! Have a good break - see you Friday!

Dianne K. Salerni said...

Aw,Candyland -- you scared me with the title! This isn't Good-Bye ... this is just an invitation for everybody to meet up at Write On Con! See you there everybody! I'll meet you for coffee at the break ... or maybe a martini at the bar, as long as they're not charging $10 a pop!

Lenny Lee said...

hi miss candace! see those little streaks running down your blog? thats my tears cause im gonna miss you soooo much. now i gotta be sad all the way til friday. guess im gonna go eat a bunch of those peanutbutter cups you sent for me so i could feel better. :) i hope you have a fun time away. cant wait til you get back!
...hugs from lenny

Steph Schmidt said...

Have a fun guilt-free break! Can't wait to see what you come back with because if this awesomeness has been when you're tired wow.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the linkage, and have a great mini-break!

Tahereh said...

i totally understand.

TOTALLY understand.


miss you tho.


Alison Miller said...

Write on con was AWESOME! I'm sure it'll give you oodles to blog about. I kinda took a three-day hiatus too - from eve-ry-thing. Completely understandable.